Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I pass semester7

2 days ago, I was told by Foot Seng that result of end-of-semester 7 has been released. Then I just log in to my netmail and check. Below is a screenshot of the simple exam script:Today is my last day at Hospital Seremban. After check-out from the townhouse that I lived for the past 2 months, I went back to IMU together with Su Lyn and Kogi.

Although my result is not that good, but i’m satisfied since there is no way I can climb back to first class (I remembered Prof Peter told me during semester 6 that nothing is impossible.. HaHa..)

For my coursemate who did badly for semester 7, don’t be sad. In this life, there is more than achieving good result. Who said getting first class will make you as a good pharmacist? Who said getting first class will earn you more money? When compared my life to my friend who still in first class, I feel that they really think that life is all about studying. At least I know that I enjoyed my student life. Apart from studying, I still get to play futsal, football and go holiday like a normal student.

I got to prepare for my Pharmacoeconomic paper this coming Friday. Wish me good luck okie..

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