Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

I'm back in Kuantan today..

As usual lots of foods to eat, Astro to watch, streamyx to use. Get to meet back my relatives.

This is the year of Mouse. I was born in the year of Mouse, to be exact 1984. So, this is my year. According to one article that I read in TheStar, mouse is the first animal to arrive at the gathering before Buddha depart from earth. Very punctual hor..

Happy Chinese New Year 2008!!

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yieng said...

yes, punctual indeed..LOL

happy chinese new year! and kuantan is definitely the place to celebrate for us~

yieng said...
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hp84 said...

to [yieng]
Rats are always punctual. HeHe..

Happy Chinese New Year to you too!!

WP said...

Hmm...I thought the rat betrayed the cat to get there first? And it sat on the cow's head or something like that...haha, we cows are so kind :P

hp84 said...

to [wp]
There are lots of story i think. But as far as i know, rat is the first in the lunar calender, so can be considered as leader. HeHe..

Anonymous said...

WP is correct, it was the kind cow who allow the rat sat on it's head. Thus the rat jumped off and reached the place 1st.

Watched on TV! :P

teddY said...

Happy Chinese New Year!!! May you have an amazing, wonderful journey ahead for the rest of 2008 :) oh and thanks for the little reminder of why rat is the first animal in the zodiac list... I missed those stories! My grandma used to tell me a lot of those when I was a little kid :D

hp84 said...

to [joshua]
Oic, then rat and cow must be very close friend.

to [teddy]
Happy Chinese New Year to you too!! We have to learn all this story so that we can pass it on to the next generation.

Serena said...

happy CNY~~~~~~


hp84 said...

to [serena]
happy chinese new year to you too!!

Poh Hon said...

The cat should be the first one, the mouse is never on the list but mouse heard what the cat said to the cow then mouse becomes the first to arrive early.

Anyway it is just a story among many other versions, Happy Chinese New Year!

hp84 said...

to [poh hon]
Yea, there are lots of stories. Happy Chinese New Year to you too.