Friday, February 08, 2008 is up

I have shifted my blog to I host my new website under Serverfreak. Thanks a lot to Yapkevin and Fattien for their advice on webhosting.
ServerFreak Web Hosting Solutions
Serverfreak offer student webhosting with the price of RM99/year and free lifetime domain name. Regarding the free lifetime domain, I just hope there is no hidden terms and conditions. They have really good live support. I've been communicating with them via MSN, and they help from right from the beginning till setting up my website.

Do change your website link to my new domain. I'll delete this blog by March, meantime I'll update both this blogspot and my own domain with the same post.

If you are student and plan to have your own domain, sign up with ServerFreak ok.


WP said...

Hey, nice new page! I see you even moved all your old posts there.

Serena said...

whoa... finally got ur own domain ya~~~ congrats congrats....

Poh Hon said...

Which package u join ah? I thought u just say only now u really created own domain haha...

teddY said...

Hey Hanping congratulations on your move :) moving on to a self-hosted blog gives you a lot more flexibilities... have fun! Anyway there's no need for you to remove this blog - you can insert a META redirection tag to redirect all your visitors to your new blog. It can be easily done:

<META HTTP-EQUIV=REFRESH CONTENT="The number of seconds;URL=Your new blog URL">

Just insert the code below the >title< >/title< tags.

So for example, if I would want to redirect visitors to my new blog after 10 seconds the old blog page is loaded:


hp84 said...

to [wp]
Thanks :)

to [serena]
Thanks. The package that I take is quite affordable. It's a student package. When is your turn to have your domain?

to [pohhon]
I took the student package at RM99/year with free lifetime domain. Big boss poh hon, sign up lar if you want, your earning will shoot up.

to [teddy]
Thanks a lot for the guide. I think i wont put redirect from this blog to my new blog. I'll leave it for the meantime.

Dragon said...

hey, nice job to have a new domain on your blog.

happy cny and happy valentines to u. sorry for not visiting for a while.

hp84 said...

to [dragon]
Thanks a lot, i'll blog something more interesting in the future. Do visit my blog often ok.
Happy CNY and Happy Valentine to you too..

vickie said...

erm.. the hosting package is very cheap

danielctw said...

when I saw the hosting package, I was like.. O_o the package is cheap compared to mine.

Well, glad to see you moving somewhere else for a domain name. :)