Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rotation 1 Accomplish

With the recent hot war between Advertlets and Nuffnang, I decided not to abandoned both ads in my blog. I have put my Advertlets advertisement as '728 X 90' instead of the '165 X 240' format. I don't think my earning will be affected, since I earn so little. HaHa..

Hey guys, I'm back in KL for the weekend.

I've just finished my first rotation in Hospital Seremban. Yesterday was my case presentation to my lecturers. As usual, will kena bombard with lots of questions. I don't even know how to correlate between diabetes and infection, but the answer given by my lecturer has no scientific paper to prove. Below is picture of Mr Keivan and Miss Wong.Throughout this 3 weeks in Seremban, I've learnt a lot on treatment for diabetes mellitus and chest medicine. However, the learning process is never ending, as there will be new treatment and guidelines coming up.

Anyway, there is restaurant at Jalan Rasah, Seremban. We called it restaurant 'RM3.70', because the food there is all RM3.70. Not bad the food there.6 more weeks to go!!


chingy said...

Fuiyoh, all RM3.70.
Roti Canai also? =P

hp84 said...

to [chingy]
Actually it is an economy rice shop. You take any 3 items, they charge you RM3.70.