Sunday, January 20, 2008

Colourful Medicines

Just another simple post to share my view on life.

Life can as colourful as the medicines on the picture below.
But.. Have you seen..

Patient crying because of pain, sadness, suffering, loneliness..

Patient of old age stay alone in the hospital.. no relative or close friends..

I have lots of complain!!

Bad treatment from doctor from the hospital. Patient being discharged home although their condition has not been stabilised. Patient not given the right medications on the right time. Pharmacist not doing their job well. They don't deserve to earn high pay (RM3000+) if they don't do their work right. Come on future pharmacist, please upgrade yourself and be more knowledgeable. People in this country need our service.

While surfing blog, I came across another blog with interesting story on irresponsible doctors.

I'm too sad to see all this happening. Let's hope for changes..

I know it is almost end of January, but I want to share my new year resolution with you guys:
- I hope everyone in my family stay happy and healthy always
- I hope KY and her family can be happy and healthy always too
- I hope I can graduate this coming May
- I want to backpack travel around Malaysia once I graduate (anyone want to join me??)
- I want a new car to replace my old SLK
- I want to have RM100,000 before the age of 30 years old
- I hope the current healthcare system in Malaysia will improve


SilverIsle said...

Wow. Great resolutions you have! All the best to you!

And I'm very happy to read that you are a responsible future pharmacist too. I'm not really sure my stand in the medical bioscience field yet, but well, I certainly hope for the best too. =)

hp84 said...

to [silverisle]
Thanks a lot. It is very disheartening to see the current situation in the hospital. :(

I'm sure you can do your part for the future of medical bioscience.

curryegg said...

those medicine look like candy to me..
But too much of colouring really scare me.. @_@

RuRu Jane~ said...

awww... hope malaysia would have more ppl like you in medical firm.

anyway, good luck and all the best for your resolution. :)

hp84 said...

to [curryegg]
The pics was taken by my friend at Hospital Kuala Lumpur outpatient department. Nice hor..
Don't worry about the colouring, they are used appropriately.

to [ruru jane~]
Thanks. I wish you good luck in your career too. said...

colorful medic make my mode better, may be this is the reason they invent colorful medic, and hopefully they can recognize which color to cure which illness

hp84 said...

to [icalvyn]
Some medicine, they make it with different colour to indicate different strength of the medicine. This may help patient to differentiate the medication that they take easily.
However, some medicine (eg. for children), they make it colourful for the reason of attracting children to take medicine.

yieng said...

i honestly think there should be more ethical doctors out there. ish..cannot stand some of their attitude, the "i-am-the-doctor-so-i-am-right".

and you will definitely grad this may la, no worry about that. hehe..

hp84 said...

to [yieng]
Yea, i agree with you. However, we as future pharmacist must also do our role well, always follow the code of ethics.

Yea, hope i can graduate this coming May!!

vickie said...

I tot SLK is somekind of mercedes model. After I clicked on your previous post - SLK rosak, then realize it was Kancil lol
Wish your 2008 resolution will come true :D

hp84 said...

to [vickie]
SLK = small little kancil
It can also means small little kelisa. :P
Thanks a lot for the wish. :)