Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nandos @ Mines Shopping Centre

I am a big fan of Nandos. Since the first time I tried Nandos in Midvalley, few years ago, I really fall in love with Nandos’ chicken. Too bad, there is no Nandos in Kuantan. Someone please open Nandos in Kuantan, I am sure the business will be very good. Nandos is famous for its special chili sauce, known as peri peri.

Each time I go there, I will either order Hot Peri Peri or Extra Hot Peri Peri, depending on my mood. HeHe.. If not enough peri sauce, you can always add on your own. I will always choose Mediterranean rice and peri chips for my sidelines. However, the Nandos in Mines shopping centre is quite disappointing each time I go there.

This time we use the promotional code from MyStyle, which entitled us buy 1 get 1 free quarter chicken with 2 sidelines. However, this promotional code is only valid at Ampang Point, The Mines, Jaya One, Bangsar Village, SACC, Pavilion KL, Alpha Angle, Chinatown, Sogo and OUG. Just send SMS ‘my111 nandos’ to 33365. You will receive the promotional code and flash it to the Nandos’ staff.

We also ordered mushroom soup and one bottomless ice lemon tea. We can get free refill for the ice lemon tea. Mushroom soup quite nice, because I like mushroom soup a lot. HaHa..

Let me give my award to Nandos’ stall that I have tried before:

  • Midvalley branch: Best Nandos’ branch
  • 1Utama branch: Most spicy peri peri: (realy killing my lips)
  • Sunway Pyramid Old Wing: Above average service, food is quite allright
  • The Mines: Each time will have something that will disappoint me (food, service)
  • OUG Plaza branch: I went once only, and no customer at all (feel like I book the whole restaurant. HaHa..)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hush Puppies Zero G

On 5th September, I went down to KL to meet up with L2G and K2K. We went to Hush Puppies Warehouse sales at Armada Hotel, PJ. They offer brand such as Hush Puppies, Obermain, and Renoma. All Hush Puppies shoes are being sold with price tag of RM100-RM120. I went to the same warehouse sales 2 years ago and bought a pair of Hush Puppies shoe for RM120.

This time, I get to buy another new pair of Hush Puppies shoe for only RM100. I bought Hush Puppies Zero G, which has lightweight shock absorbing midsole. I am really happy with this buy, although my previous shoe is still in very good condition.

Both L2G and K2K also bought new shoe from the fair. My advise is to go at those odd hour, so that there will be less people there. For the guy section, usually I have no problem to choosing shoe. However, women section is just like a warzone. They are pushing, fighting for shoe.

NB: I am currently being posted to Medical Ward, so I got to bring home lots of homework. Although it is tiring, but I really want to fully utilise my PRP year to build a personal professional characteristic of a good pharmacist.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Teluk Kumbar Restaurant

Continue from my previous food post, this time I want to blog about Teluk Kumbar Restaurant. Teluk Kumbar is located at the south of Penang island, even further away from the airport. It took us about 30 minutes to get there from our hotel in Cititel Penang. It is quite hard to get to the place, but luckily we had Irene and Tong Mei to bring us there.

The restaurant is actually located at a beach side, and the place was crowded, we had to wait for a while, before getting a place to sit. So, we ordered seafood combo, recommended by Irene’s sister.

We ordered fried mee, which they add in lots of seafood. The mayonnaise prawn is the best food among all (because I dont eat sotong). We also ordered sotong, but I dont blog it here, because I dont like sotong. The crab that we ordered, although is nice, but the taste is not good enough. One particular food that got our attention on that night is ‘helicopter’. I don’t know why it it called helicopter, but all you need is to dig the watever you called inside the shell, and eat it.

Forgot to mention, we were too hungry when we reached there, so we ordered satay too. This is the first time we ate satay without satay sauce. The satay itself is actually ready-dipped for you, and it is really nice. This satay is a definitely must try, and I can say it is much better than Satay Kajang.

Note: I am currently working in Farmasi Bekalan Wad (FBW), and quite busy with my work, so I won’t be blogging that often. Working life is quite dull, have to wake up early each day, and lots of commitment. 24 hours per day is no longer enough for me.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Penang foods

This post is all about foods in Penang. Again, I will use the ’star’ system to rate food. It is my personal opinion, so don’t sue me if you have different opinion ok. By the way, I have also noticed that Penang people also have different opinion on their homegrown foods.

Asam Laksa near Kek Lok Si. This stall is recommended by PY’s friend, so we give it a try. The stall open after 12 noon and they have limited number of table. This asam laksa is nice, but the portion is small. However, the soup tak cukup power. Also, they put it quite a lot of vegetables. Price is just RM2.50 per bowl.

Fried po piah, which is located few stall away from the asam laksa stall near Air Itam market. I seldom eat fried po piah, because the popiah that I usually eat have soft skin (not the fried type). Really really delicious!
Later in the afternoon, Irene brought us to New World Park. Check out my previous post on New World Park. At night, we went to Restoran Teluk Kumbar, which is quite far far away from our hotel (30 mins drive).

On day 2, Poh Hon became our tour guide. He is the arrogant Penang people who always said Penang food is the best. So, my mission to Penang is to prove him wrong. Indeed, not all Penang food is nice.

So, we went to Kafe Hai Beng to try the famous Loh Mee. This loh mee is much nicer than the Jalan Pudu loh mee that WK recommend. You don’t have the ‘muak’ feeling after eating this. They also put in chicken feet. My late granma sure like this a lot.

Next, we headed to Lorong Seratus Tahun to try the famous curry mee. The curry soup they provide initially is more like sweet soup. They provide the chillies for you to add on your on risk. So, I add in 2 big tablespoons of the chillies and you can see the result. Really syok syok syok! I sweat sweat sweat!
Next, we tried the Hokkien mee at Kedai Kopi classic. According to PH, we have to come here before 10AM or else they will run out of ingredient. We have to wait for quite long to get a table. This hokkien mee is much much nicer than the hokkien mee that we tried in New World Park. The soup cukup pekat! However they only provide 2 mini prawns, cut into 6 tiny pieces. So kiam siap!
Then, we head to the famous Penang street cendol. I don’t know why Penang people pronounce cendol as ‘cendoi’. This cendol lose to the Lee Brothers cendol in New World Park, in term of taste.Then, we went to Lorong Selamat to try the char koay teow. This stall, according to PH, is highly recommended by Alan, Ken, and even KennySia. It is indeed very very nice. They provide 3 huge prawn and you can feel the freshness of the prawn. However, the price tag is RM6 per plate. Expensive!Next, we went to try pandan coconut at ANBA coconut trading, which is just 1 street away from Lorong Selamat. The pandan coconut is really nice. You can really feel the pandan taste. Also, the ‘daging’ in the coconut is very soft. RM1.70 for normal coconut and RM2.40 for pandan coconut.By this time, our stomach is really full. So, we head to Khoo Kongsi clan. The place is quite boring, and you can check out my post on Khoo Kongsi Clan. Next, we head to DVD stall at Farlim, where they sell a piece of DVD for RM4. Cheap rite..

Poh Hon then brought us to try his favourite asam laksa at Farlim. This stall has been relocated from Farlim Shell station. The asam laksa here is much powerful that the asam laksa near Kek Lok Si temple. The fish is serve as a whole big piece, unlike the asam laksa in Kek Lok Si, where minced fish was served.

We also order po piah to dip into the asam laksa. Nice combination. But, I prefer Po Piah serve near Kek Lok Si.That’s all for my long long Penang food post. After this Penang trip, I can make a few conclusion:
  • Penang food are served in small portion
  • They provide huge prawns
  • Not all Penang food is nice ok?
  • To make Penang people like certain food, the taste must be super strong. Maybe they put in lots of Ajinomoto, flavouring, etc..

Monday, October 06, 2008

New World Park

Irene brought us to New Work Park hawker centre. She recommended the cendol sold by Lee Brothers stall. Apart from cendol, the stall also sells a variety of ice kacang and also fresh fruit juices. Choices of ice kacang include ice cream, banana, papaya, mango, watermelon, and also mixed fruit ice kacang. Below is picture of Irene in front of the Lee Brothers stall at New World Park.Apart from that, we also ordered food from other stalls. Let me introduce one by one. This time I introdue the ’star’ system. This is just my personal opinion of the food that I tried. It may be biased or not accurate.

Cendol. This cendol reminds me of Melaka’s Jonker street cendol. It has the gula melaka type of sweetness. Red bean is big and nice too. According to my friend, we have to eat it without stirring or mixing it.

Next is curry mee. We were convinced by one auntie who sit on the same table as us. She highly recommend us this curry mee stall, so we ordered. It turn out that the taste is really bad. Kuantan’s Hoi Yin curry mee is much much nicer.
Hokkien mee. In other part of Malaysia, I believe it is known as Prawn mee. Since young, I disliked prawn mee in Kuantan because of the smell. But this hokkien mee is really nice. I will blog another hokkien mee’s stall soon. The other hokkien mee is much much nicer.
We also ordered fried oyster. Oyster is really really big. Bigger than the oyster in Melaka. I prefer smaller oyster, because bigger oyster will ‘explode’ in your mouth, causing those juice to spread in your mouth.Lastly, we ordered fried koay teow. We ordered non-spicy and was later told by Irene that we must order spicy version, which is much nicer. My friend told me that this char koay teow is nice, but I feel it is just so so. Penang food really like to add prawn and each of the prawn is big.Stay tune for my next post for more my visit to Khoo Kongsi clan.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Third Party Story

Third Party

This year, I have seen 5 real cases of third party destroying happy relationship of couples. I have heard of more cases from my friend.

Most of the cases that I have seen is guy becoming third party. Well, why do you want to destroy or ruin other people relationship? Can’t you just find someone else who in single and available.

I have gathered some data from the U.S. Census Bureau. As of today (5th October 2008), the projected world population is 6,727,986,476. For Malaysia, the number of population is 25,274,000. Try to see the graph below. The number of male is slightly more than number of females for corresponding age group.

Does this explain that our country has more male, that they can come and ruin other couple relationship? That is absolutely rubbish! Does this mean that if you’re poor, you can just find another rich family and rob or ransack their home? Can I compare those third party with robber or pirates?

Some people may say ‘Love is blind’. I believe that ‘love is blind’ too. There is a case, where a group of friend advises their friend not to go after a girl, because the girl is just making use of the guys. However, all effort is useless, because the guy is ‘blind’.

There is no one is right or wrong in a relationship. Even if the third party come and manage to ruin the relationship, maybe that happen for a good reason. Maybe the relationship has all this while been an acrimonious relation.

My friend once told me that ‘man and women’ cannot become good friends. Do you agree with this statement? I think this is right, because if man and women is good friend, after they are committed to their own life, they can be good friend anymore.

Sometimes, a third party come for a good reason too. The raise the alarm in a relationship, causing couple to rethink of their relationship, to think of the right and wrong, that all this while has been ignored. I believe, if a couple managed to overcome the third party issue, their relationship will be much stronger.

Some of my friend even told me that the third party is much better than the previous person. Okay, maybe you can be with the third party, but what if in your relationship with the third party, comes another third party who is much better than your current relationship? This helps us to explain the statement ‘no one is perfect’. You should be grateful with your current relationship.

Before I end my post, let me use all the possible words to describe third party. They are blithering fucking idiot, airhead, arsehole, bugger, dickhead person, who little shithead thinking of destroying other people relationship.

One day, if I were too annoyed with all this third party, I may decide to put up their picture in my blog. Let the whole world see the picture of idiotic faces in my blog.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Kek Lok Si Temple

This is the first time both me and CH go to Penang. First time passing though Penang bridge too! We were so excited and once we reached the main island of Penang, we were greated by a nice Twin-Tower alike condominium. Now I understand why the prices of property is Penang is so expensive. They have limited empty land. We head straight to Kek Lok Si Temple at Air Itam. It was a very hot and hazy day.We were a bit disappointed with the place. We have to pay for parking fees, ride on the inclined train, and even when entering the pagoda area. I am fine, because they can use the money to renovate and upgrade the whole place. However, once we entered a praying area, a man kind of forcing us to buy incense from him to pray. How can he force us?

The whole place is undergoing major renovation. See the picture below, they are adding huge pillars around the statue. I think they will be adding roof above the huge Kuan Yin Statue.

It is quite fun walking around Kek Lok Si temple, it is like a maze. I like the picture of this particular mini pagoda.Next is picture of me and my dear, with the huge pagoda at the background. They are also having renovation to this huge pagoda, but luckily they still allow us to enter. We paid RM2 per person!! People belief that climbing the stairs to the top of the pagoda will give you long life. So, we climbed up and pray at each level.We did not go to Bukit Bendera, because the place was closed (for renovation??). Sad..

Stay tune for my next post on New World Park food court in Penang.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ipoh Dim Sum

The morning before we reached Penang, we dropped by at Ipoh to try the famous Dim Sum. Thanks for the direction from Fei Hing (and sorry for calling you early in the morning). We decided to try Ming Court Dim Sum. The place is crowded as early as 7AM. Ipoh people are really healthy, the town is alive early in the morning.

See the picture below. Well, my first impression was ’so small!’. Their Dim Sum size is really small. Yet, after putting it into my mouth, the food is godlike. The ‘loh mai kai’ is good, and the crispy stuff is nice too. Only 1 picture for Ipoh Dim Sum, because we were too busy eating. By the way, the black sesame soup is nice.

There are actually 2 famous Dim Sum shop there. First is Ming Court Dim Sum, and the other shop is Yoke Fook Moon Dim Sum. They are both just opposite each other. Fei Hing told me that Ming Court Dim Sum is more famous, but he personally prefer Yoke Fook Moon Dim Sum. The next time I go to Ipoh, I’ll try Yoke Fook Moon Dim Sum.Thumbs up for Ipoh Dim Sum!!

Stay tune for next post in Penang:

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Xi-Men-Ting @ South City Plaza

I went to Xi-Men-Ting at South City Plaza with my dear on one beautiful weekend. Previously, we went to the Xi-Men-Ting branch at OUG Plaza (has been closed down now). I ordered set menu, which is priced at RM11.90. It comes with taiwan style deep fry fish fillet rice, konjac jelly, and a choice of either coffee, lipton tea, or ice honey green tea.My dear ordered pickled vegetables and chicken meat with noodles, with price tag of RM6.90. Pickled vegetables is nice.Below is picture of both Konjac Jelly and ice honey green tea.The food in Xi-Men-Ting is really nice and the price is quite reasonable. For a normal set menu, I think the portion will be nice for guys. However, the choice of food is quite limited. If I am not mistaken, they have another branch in UE3 Cheras.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Painting an angelic love story

This is the story of 2 lovebirds; HP and KY.From the moment I dreamt of her, I have always noticed her sweet smile. Her morning voice really can cause me diabetes (too sweet!). The journey that we had is very memorable. We have to bear the scars that come along, but I believe that will make us stronger. I get to see life from another point of view.

The journey that we traveled together add in another chords into my life. Let’s always be on the move to explore the beauty of this world together.

Thank you for being me with and you’re always the apple of my heart.

나는 당신을 사랑합니다

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mid Autumn at Teluk Chempedak Beach

Every year during the Mid Autumn Festival, Kuantan people will gather at the famous Teluk Chempedak Beach, or also known as TC. You can see people of all ages, friends, families, and people from other states also flocked to the beach. ‘People sea, people mountain’ at the beach.The best part of playing lantern at the beach is, we no need to worry about causing massive fire. Although playing lantern at the beach can be quite bad to the environment, I am sure Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan (MPK) will clean up the area the next day. That’s why Kuantan is one of the cleanest town in Malaysia.

Me and Shal Ling brought Zhi Yong to this beach. He was amazed by the number of people and the bright beach lit by colourful lantern. He was smiling whole night. HaHa..

Kuantan people can be quite creative, they bring their own branches and set up nice lantern. Clap clap clap to them!There is one particular group, who burnt all their lantern before they left the beach. I wonder why they do that. They should have just leave it there for other people to admire.
Well, the most creative design for the night is the ‘Giant Crab’. Well, it may look like spider. It requires a great teamwork from a group of teenagers to come up with the masterpiece. Clap clap clap to them :)All this picture were taken by my friend Choo Uei, using his newly bought Sony Alpha200. If you like those picture, you can check out his POO’s DevianArt.

Happy MoonCake Festival 2008!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Crossdressings Day

I am sure most of you have been waiting for this post to see the ‘male’ and ‘female’ in action. Let me introduce the ‘female’ of B104. Creativity is very important when comes to crossdressing day. Buying a wig can be very expensive, so some of us use strings as wig. Some even cut rubbish bin plastic into tiny strings. By the way, can you spot me? HaHa..Next, we have to persuade our senior. Oo, our ‘breast’ is made of balloons, so that it is easier for the senior to ‘rape’ us. During the raping session, you can hear sounds of balloon exploding.Next is a performance by one of the group. It is suppose to be a titanic-alike scene, where the ‘male’ and ‘female’ will end up in the picture shown below.We also have catwalk session. Julian got the award for best ‘female’ of the night. He even put on pantyhose.Not to forget the ‘male’ inspection time, and the punishment time for those who didn’t fulfil the requirement set by seniors.We really had so much fun during the orientation. I heard that crossdressing day has been abolished due to certain reason. Pity our junior. By the way, check out my post on B104 orientation for more fun.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Great customer service

Today I went to Maxis to enquire about additional charge in my phone bill. They charge me extra RM50 for transfer of ownership (obviously, the line has always been mine, why and since when did I transfer my ownership?). For Maxis user out there, do check your bill for every single detail. Be a smart consumer.

Anyway, this post is meant to praise the customer service of Maxis. I head to Maxis Centre in Kuantan, and was really amazed by their efficient and good manner in handling my problem. The person who attend to me is ‘Angie’, and she is very professional. Within 5 minutes, my problems were solved. Also, before I left Maxis, I was given this Maxis Raya small box.

I also like Maxis customer hotline 123 (of course free-of-charge). Each time I called 123, they will provide very satisfied response.

Also, yesterday I went to KWSP office in Indera Mahkota. Well, this is the first time I experience fast and efficient service in government department, even though now is the fasting month. Within 15 minutes, I managed to open one KWSP account.

Let’s clap clap clap for both Maxis and KWSP!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

B104 Orientation

4 years ago, when I just begin my Uni life in IMU, I have to undergo 1 week of Orientation. It was quite memorable and fun at the same time. I did a lot of crazy stuff that I have not done before in my life.

Day 1 is known as Superstars and Superheroes Day. We have to dress up either as Phu Chu Kang, Superman, Batman, Elvis Presley, Zorro, or Michael Jackson. I am SUPERMAN for day 1, wearing red underwear with green strawberry outside.

Day 2 is known as Crossdressings Day. I will upload more pictures in my next post, so stay tune ar..

Day 3 is known as Cartoons Day & Telematch 1. We have to act as either Ninja Turtle, Mickey mouse, Peter Pan, Popeye, Shin Chan, or Lilo. I am Shin Chan!! I have thick eyebrow, with yellow cap. I also have an elephant bag. Telematch is where we played various games, and being punished with eggs, chillies, etc..

Day 4 is known as Villains Day and Detective Game Day. I cant recall those character during the Villains Day. Detective game is where we played game to find out clue to solve one criminal case given to us.Day 5 is known as Beggars Day and Telematch 2 Day. Basically, we have to dress up like beggars. This is the day all seniors are waiting as they have surprised for juniors. We were being blindfolded to go through a long pathway in IMU. Too bad I couldn’t join on the last day, because I fall sick.Day 6 is prize giving day and buffet night.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my Orientation Officers (OO).

Check out my next post for more pictures on Day 2 - Crossdressings Day.