Sunday, December 02, 2007

Own domain

Last weekend I log in to my wordpress blog at Wordpress has better template and is much easier to use. I was thinking of moving my blog to my own domain.

The reason I want to shift to my own domain is:
  • I will have more freedom to edit my blog
  • I will have more opportunity with PayPerPost
  • I cant separate all my review post in another subdomain, then my blog visitor can choose to see my normal un(interesting) post
I've consult a few famous blogger regarding webhosting. Fattien currently use BlueWeb Solution. He also recommends me to use serverfreak, which is used by AprilCherrie. I've also considered easynet, because the company is located near Taman Desa.

However, has been taken. Sad.. Now the main problem is to get another good site name that is easy to remember.

Any suggestion? Is there any important factor that I must consider?


teddY said...

Yea generally if you let me choose between Blogger and Wordpress I will go for the latter because it offers way more functionality than Blogger, and most importantly Wordpress allows you to categorise your posts. I know Blogger allows people to label their posts, but I think categories are more all-encompassing :)

Shifting to your own domain is not actually a very hard thing to tackle with. Most important thing of all is that you've bought the domain name that you like, and make sure that people can remember it easily without needing to dedicate a huge memory space to your URL. It is possible for you to change your own domain name later (when your webhosting plan expires), but the process will be a challenging one especially if you've used permanent URL in your blog (ie, using rather than just /?=100 in your posts and etc)...

Make sure what services your webhost offers you.

1. Is there a size limit on your MySQL Database (where you'll store all your blogposts)? My previous host did have one and I didn't check it carefully, causing me to drop their plan and switch to another host this year (which is a very troublesome procss).

2. Does your hosts allows you to have multimple MySQL databases (just in case you need another blog next time, or you wish that you can host your friend's blog on your server for free or for a cost)...

3. Is there sufficient bandwidth for your blog? My personal rule of thumb is that having at least 5 to 10 times the amount of webspace is the best, ie if you have a 10gb storage space, better have a 50 or 100gb bandwidth for safeguarding purposes.

4. Is there enough storage space itself? If you're dedicating that space to a photoblog, better make sure that there is enough space to go around. 2gb is too small for current standards. Opt for 5gb or 10gb ones.

5. Make sure that you have accss to cPanel of your domain. It allows you to create backups, block unauthorised hotlinking to your images/videos, add filters, have your own dedicated email and etc.

6. Most importantly, note that almost all servers do not condone the act of uploading illegal materials such as copyrighted music and videas. My account was once suspended when I uploaded a movie trailer into my server. The best is stick to YouTube for videos. You can upload your own podcasts or videos though - the host will make occasional checks to ensure you abide by their rules.

Sorry for the long comment, but I really do hope I can helpt the transition process and pleasurable one :)

Iwan Sanchez said...

yeah.. i oso tink wordpress is better.. mayb u can try

Pepperpourri said...

Hello Han Ping :)

So you're moving to Wordpress? Pay per post means you have to pay for the domain name is it? said...

Recently, Blogger comment post doesn't allow readers to post their own link already.... Had you alert on that?

Luckily you're going to switch own domain! faster!
how about .net or .info ? you don't like it? or put your real name, maybe easy to remember?

just like me, mercury taken.... so I just choose some alternative domain name :D

hp84 said...

to [teddy]
Thanks for the detail opinion. I really appreciate it a lot. For the meantime, I won't be shifting to my own domain because I'm too busy with my hospital placement. I'll consider it again once I'm more free.

to [iwan sanchez]
That's a good idea. But i prefer not to put my name.

to [Pepperpourri]
I'm not moving so soon. PayPerPost is actually a site where you can earn money for writing your honest review for other advertisers.

to [merdurian]
Oic. I didn't realize that, maybe it's their way of protecting unwanted advertisement. I don't want to use my own name. But I'm not moving so soon.

SilverIsle said...

How about Taken also? It's good to have your own domain geh. Looks more professional also. LOLz. =)

hp84 said...

to [silverisle]
Yea, it's a good suggestion. Thanks. But, I prefer to use .com. I will not shift to my own domain so soon.

Eileen said...

I host under DataKL. Not bad.

hp84 said...

to [Eileen]
Oic. May I know how much is the package?

eileen said...

i am using data mini package. quite stable. not too bad. been using it for 3 months or more. now got offer till 1jan. take a look. i think its quite a good deal with rm30 off.

hp84 said...

to [eileen]
Actually I've considered this company before. But, from my survey, this company that own DataKL actually also has a few other web hosting website. Their office is in Taman Danau Desa if i'm not mistaken. I plan to visit their office to ask more about all the web hosting website that they provide.
Yea, i'm still considering whether to take the package or not.