Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy 23rd Birthday

On last Wednesday, Mr Keivan asked me how old am I this year.

I was thinking and counting..

I lost count..

Yea, I'm 23 now.. :)

I would like to thank those who wish me Happy Birthday.
  • My family
  • Edward, Shuw Min, Pui Yee, Chin Lin, Cheng Hong, Quek, Emily
  • IMU friends (Chin Yee, Foot Seng, Hala, Josephine, Kee Lai, Kogilam, Lee Fern, Li Guo, Min Choo, Muhafizah, Su Lyn, Wai Kit, Yee Ni, Yen Wei, Yuen Nee, Zhi Yang)
  • Miss Wong, Mr Keivan
  • Blogger friends (CurryEgg, Iwan, Joshua, Phing, Rames, Serena, Shaz, Smashp0p, WP, Yap Kevin)
I was really surprised this year.. I thought I will be spending my birthday clerking case in Hospital Seremban. My friends spontaneously plan a birthday lunch for me at Secret Recipe, Jusco. Miss Wong also told me to be more proactive. HeHe.. I'm very proactive person, just that I do feel a bit awkward with Miss Wong and Mr Keivan coming with us (first time I celebrate my birthday with lecturer). At night, I celebrated my birthday with KY at Swensen's.

Some pictures taken at Secret Recipe, Jusco.
From left to right: Josephine, Su Lyn, Chin Yee, Kogi, Kee Lai, PipiFrom left to right: Pipi, Foot Seng, Min Choo, HalaFrom left to right: Li Guo, Mr Keivan, Miss Wong, HPStay tune for my next post for picture of presents that I received this year. :)


Josephine said...

HP OLD D!!! wakakak!

Iwan Sanchez said...

back to back makan!!

secret recipe and swensen's!


u r only 23 lei..

i am older than u!

cant wait for ur next entry!!


hp84 said...

to [josephine]
Yea, i do feel old now. :(

to [iwan sanchez]
I like eating at places i've never tried before. I'm 23, but i still studying, sad case. Don't feel old ok?
Stay tune for my next post. :)

Anonymous said...

I wish you a very very good and best birthday. :)

hp84 said...

to [johhnykiu]
Thanks a lot johnny. :)

Lee Chien said...

a late blessing from me..

happy belated birthday...

Nicholas Chan said...

paiseh man. happy belated birthday. =) wish you always happy.

hp84 said...

to [lee chien]
It's ok. Thanks a lot for the wish.

to [nicholas chan]
No problem my friend. Thanks a lot.

Berberboo said...


hp84 said...

to [berberboo]
Thanks a lot. Wish you merry christmas and happy new year too!