Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Freedom of Voice

If anyone got room to let in Seremban for 2 months, please let me know ok? Thanks first..

I really feel upset because I was sent to Hospital Seremban for 9 weeks! Luckily, I have LG to accompany me. I have 2 options:
  • To find a house to stay there for 2 months
  • To travel to Seremban everyday
What can I do?

I met Dr Tey, and i know the difficulty faced by the pharmacy practice team. Dr Tey advised us to learn to tackle problem, instead of avoiding it. Hey.. Am I avoiding? I've accepted the fact that I'm placed in Hospital Seremban. The reason I met Dr Tey is to discuss for any alternative or way to help us out financially. I have to rent another room in Seremban. If I were to travel, that would cost me more than RM600 for the 9 weeks. Besides, it will be very tiring for us to drive there everyday.

Dr Tey also asked us to choose the hospital based on their reputation and not because of convenience to get there. Hey.. do we know which hospital is good? Most of us will definitely choose a place which is convenience for us la..

After writing this post, maybe I'll be called up to meet the dean, Prof Peter Pook. But no point of meeting him. There is nothing he can do to cure my 'upset' feeling. I hope Dr Tey won't have hard feeling after reading this post. I still want to graduate together with my coursemate on May 2008.

I'm thankful in Faculty of Pharmacy of IMU, there is Dr Kang, who is willing to listen to our opinion. At least, there is some one in the faculty that we can voice our opinion directly.

Just look at the bright side of life. At Seremban, I get to try life style of another town in Malaysia. I get to eat the food there. I hope to learn more from the supervisor there. I get to serve the Seremban people in the hospital. Just 9 weeks. Come on!!

Seremban Hospital.. Here I come!!


Iwan Sanchez said...

hey hp,
just take it as an new experience for u..

good luck ok!!

kyliemc said...
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kyliemc said...

my fren worked in seremban b4 too..4 her IMU training..d room tht she got wasnt tht good either..d ones they helped 2 search 4 them

hp84 said...

to [iwan sanchez]
Yea, I take it as a new experience in a new town. Like that oni got more pictures to post in my blog. HeHe..

to [kyliemc]
Oic, i'm still searching for room right now. Hopefully can get a good place to stay. Or else, I have to travel to Seremban everyday. Tiring..

chingy said...

Hey goodluck k.
I'll try and ask my friend for you and see for the room. What's your budget yea?

hp84 said...

to [chingy]
Ok. I really appreciate your help and will wait for your news. Me and my friend.. our budget is RM350 per house..

k2k said...

9 weeks and hopefully everything will turned out ok for us...

Klang hopsital is not near either... guess i'll travel everyday... darn! i hate driving for hour to reach the hospital. (not including the cost of petrol and tolls) sigh...

but i do think the lecturers have tried their best to accomodate us. I don like to be placed at klang hospital either. Not all ppl can be pleased. Blame our luck! A chinese preposition says that there will be good lucks follow the bad ones. Yo... our good lucks are coming!!! (Hopefully)

hp84 said...

to [k2k]
Yea, 9 weeks can be long or short. It depends on your placement. If the perceptor/tutor is good and everyone there is nice, then I think 9 weeks will be short.

Most important is we get to learn and serve the community.

Yea, good luck is coming!!