Sunday, December 09, 2007

BarBQ Plaza

Weeks ago, I went to try BarBQ Plaza in Sunway Pyramid. The queue is very long, and they offer to call me back provided I give my contact number to them.

The concept is more like do-it-yourself (DIY). Yeah, we actually pay money to cook our own food. It's fun since we can personalized our own food.

The hot pan, with small space for cooking soup. If the owner of this restaurant come across my blog, I hope the space for soup can be made bigger.This is the set that we ordered. Got pork, bacon, chicken, squid (i hate!), prawn, udon, cabbage, etc..Next is the picture of the special brown sauce, which they import freshly from Thailand. My opinion, not bad, something new to my taste bud.


Iwan Sanchez said...


its like a new concept!!


is it the same like steamboat and the diff here is that u get to choose ur food?

nice one there!

hp84 said...

to [iwan sanchez]
Yea, it's kinda new to me too.
The concept is steamboat+BBQ. But the food is depending on the set that you order.

teddY said...

Wow this surely sounds interesting! I've just been to Sunway Pyramid a few days ago, but I've never heard of this outlet before. Is it in the old building or the newly opened wing? This concept is not very new but surprisingly there are very few restaurants in Malaysia offering such services. I know a few restaurants in Singapore that lets you cook you cook your own food... they provide you teepanyaki like frying tables.

chingy said...

I've never been here before! Hey, bout the room thingy, need quite sometime =/

Berberboo said...


Janine said...

this one look so yummy..hmm make me hungry here..can i have some please..heheheh

hp84 said...

to [teddy]
The shop is located in the old wing, opposite of Manhattan fish market. The food is nice, but does not satisfy my satiety.

to [chingy]
You should give it a try. About the room, it's ok. I also try to find on my own also. Thanks a lot :)

to [berberboo]
HeHe.. drooling berberboo..

to [janine]
Sure, you come over to Kuala Lumpur to try.

Carlota said...

Looks sooo yummy!