Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Apartment

My birthday is on 19th December.. coming soon..
All I want is present, present, present... :)


Last week, I went to The Apartment, The Curve with my IMU gang. Our big boss, Li Guo decided to treat each of us RM30. The total bill came out to be RM248.60 for 6 of us!!
I ordered Baked Fish and Strawberry Peach Pavlova. Baked Fish is just so-so and the Strawberry Peach Pavlova is nice. See the picture below:Next is group photos:
From left to right; Li Guo, Zhi Yang, Me, Yen Wei, Poh HonFrom left to right; Poh Hon, Me, Wai KitAlthough this restaurant is special, but I think it is not worth the money to eat there. Their service is fine, but slow. The food there is just barely edible and the portion is small.


Berberboo said...

STRAWBERRY!!! YUMMY!!! why the name so canggih de? pavlova? haha... looks like cream puffs le... BUT LOOKS GOOD... AIR LIUR MELELEH LE... haha

Serena said...

Happy birthday!!!

Whoa, I'm one day older than u, hehehe...


Jon Chu said...

Perhaps you're basically paying for the ... design of the place?

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

i've heard alot of people say the food is just so-so oni

hp84 said...

to [berberboo]
Yea, it is the only edible food at The Apartment. Other food that we tried really sucks.

to [serena]
Thanks.. Happy Birthday to you too.

to [jon chu]
Yea, we just feel the environment only.

to [slowcatchupkuan]
So-so oni.. :(

SabrinaW said...

Wahhh that's really expensive :p Was it worth the money? Or your boss's money?

hp84 said...

to [sabrinaw]
It is definitely not worth the money you spend there. I would suggest TGI Friday. I only spend RM3, the rest was paid by my friend (big boss). :)

Jon Chu said...

haha. well, if I were you, I would have this thought: I should've used tat money and spent it on somewhere more worth it.

My two cents, anyway!

And thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

hp84 said...

to [jon chu]
Thanks for your opinion. Actually all of my friends also regret after eating at The Apartment.

Thanks for visiting my blog too :)

Iwan Sanchez said...

i am so sorry for the late wishes!!

anyway, happy belated birthday!!

may all ur wishes and dreams come true!!!

u looked good there!!

hp84 said...

to [iwan sanchez]
no problem. Thanks a lot for the wish. :)