Monday, December 24, 2007

Birthday at Swensen

I start blogging at the age of 21. But, my cousin Arix So starts blogging at the age of 4!! So young.. Kids nowadays are getting tech-savvy. Check out his blog at ArixSo.

On my birthday this year, I went to Swensen, SS2 with KY. The service there is not that good. This is the first time I dine at Swensen. I heard a lot of people saying that they are famous because of their ice cream.

In my personal opinion, the ice cream at Swensen is too sweet (beware of Diabetes Type 2). I would prefer Haagen Dazs and Baskin Robbins' ice cream. The meal at Swensen is just so-so.

Let's see some of the pictures taken that night.

Chicken Cheese Baked Rice. Ok ok lar..BBQ Half Chicken. It was totally different from the picture and description that we saw on the menu. I did ask the waiter, and he told me that the serving change everyday. Imagine, if i order chicken next time, maybe they will give me kangaroo instead. Damn, Swensen cheat us!!
Vanilla Dessert with Pistachio almond. Too sweet!! I only like the cherry.Banana Boat with 3 flavours of ice cream. This is the best of the night. :)Lastly, picture of me and my dear.Any Swensen's fan here? Don't get angry ok? This post i really kutuk Swensen 'kao kao'.

Birthday Present

I'm happy because I got lots of presents this year.

Firstly, I got this cute dinosaur from my Hospital Seremban's friends. It was bought from Secret Recipe, Seremban. Now it is in my stomach. Muahahaha...Next, my IMU gang (Li Guo, Wai Kit, Yen Wei, Zhi Yang) bought me the TAMIYA car model that I've wanted to buy. It is a 1/24 scale of the real winning car of the World Rally Championship 2002.My 3 cousins (Penny, Jennie, Wennie) bought me this PADINI formal wear from Robinson, The Gardens.My dear bought me this Levi's jeans, because I'm lacking of long pants. HeHe..
Lastly, I also got a surprise cake from my dear. Strawberry chocolate cake from Tong Kei Bakery. Really nice cake. Can you see 2 big candles and 3 smaller candles? Yea, I'm 23 years young. :)Thanks a lot for the birthday wishes and gifts. I like a lot. :)
I wish everyday can be my birthday. :P

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy 23rd Birthday

On last Wednesday, Mr Keivan asked me how old am I this year.

I was thinking and counting..

I lost count..

Yea, I'm 23 now.. :)

I would like to thank those who wish me Happy Birthday.
  • My family
  • Edward, Shuw Min, Pui Yee, Chin Lin, Cheng Hong, Quek, Emily
  • IMU friends (Chin Yee, Foot Seng, Hala, Josephine, Kee Lai, Kogilam, Lee Fern, Li Guo, Min Choo, Muhafizah, Su Lyn, Wai Kit, Yee Ni, Yen Wei, Yuen Nee, Zhi Yang)
  • Miss Wong, Mr Keivan
  • Blogger friends (CurryEgg, Iwan, Joshua, Phing, Rames, Serena, Shaz, Smashp0p, WP, Yap Kevin)
I was really surprised this year.. I thought I will be spending my birthday clerking case in Hospital Seremban. My friends spontaneously plan a birthday lunch for me at Secret Recipe, Jusco. Miss Wong also told me to be more proactive. HeHe.. I'm very proactive person, just that I do feel a bit awkward with Miss Wong and Mr Keivan coming with us (first time I celebrate my birthday with lecturer). At night, I celebrated my birthday with KY at Swensen's.

Some pictures taken at Secret Recipe, Jusco.
From left to right: Josephine, Su Lyn, Chin Yee, Kogi, Kee Lai, PipiFrom left to right: Pipi, Foot Seng, Min Choo, HalaFrom left to right: Li Guo, Mr Keivan, Miss Wong, HPStay tune for my next post for picture of presents that I received this year. :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

IMU Seremban

After 2 days of clinical attachment in Hospital Seremban, all I can say is I'm very tired of traveling to Seremban (almost 1 hour journey). Government hospital ward is very hot and is not an ideal place for patient to stay.I was placed in Ward 7A. On the first day, I was a bit 'slow'. It has been almost half year since I last make use of my clinical knowledge. No one was there to guide and brief us. However, on the second day, I get to know a PRP, Sarah, who is very friendly and helpful. I followed her to join fellow doctor's ward round.

I also met my senior, Philip and Ching Ying there. I'm planning to stay with them.

That's all for this post.. Got to do care plan for my patients.. I'm tired.. :(

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Apartment

My birthday is on 19th December.. coming soon..
All I want is present, present, present... :)


Last week, I went to The Apartment, The Curve with my IMU gang. Our big boss, Li Guo decided to treat each of us RM30. The total bill came out to be RM248.60 for 6 of us!!
I ordered Baked Fish and Strawberry Peach Pavlova. Baked Fish is just so-so and the Strawberry Peach Pavlova is nice. See the picture below:Next is group photos:
From left to right; Li Guo, Zhi Yang, Me, Yen Wei, Poh HonFrom left to right; Poh Hon, Me, Wai KitAlthough this restaurant is special, but I think it is not worth the money to eat there. Their service is fine, but slow. The food there is just barely edible and the portion is small.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Behind The Scene

Today is the photograph session for my batch mates. Our theme is simple; wear full white, grey or black. In the end, almost 70% of class turn up with black colour.

I managed to capture behind the scene picture.The cameraman, our lecturer, Dr Kang YB. He snap lots of pictures with his Nikon DSLR.
I will be going to Hospital Seremban next Monday for clinical attachment for 9 weeks. I'll try my best to update my blog whenever i get access to the internet. Hopefully I can learn more from my attachment there and be a better pharmacist in the future to serve the public.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

BarBQ Plaza

Weeks ago, I went to try BarBQ Plaza in Sunway Pyramid. The queue is very long, and they offer to call me back provided I give my contact number to them.

The concept is more like do-it-yourself (DIY). Yeah, we actually pay money to cook our own food. It's fun since we can personalized our own food.

The hot pan, with small space for cooking soup. If the owner of this restaurant come across my blog, I hope the space for soup can be made bigger.This is the set that we ordered. Got pork, bacon, chicken, squid (i hate!), prawn, udon, cabbage, etc..Next is the picture of the special brown sauce, which they import freshly from Thailand. My opinion, not bad, something new to my taste bud.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Darkest Day

I will postpone my plan to shift to my own domain. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. I really appreciate it a lot.

It has been raining almost everyday..

This few days are the darkest day in my life..The left building in the picture is where I lived in at Bukit Jalil, KL.

Been sleeping quite early.. Very tired, that's all for this post.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Freedom of Voice

If anyone got room to let in Seremban for 2 months, please let me know ok? Thanks first..

I really feel upset because I was sent to Hospital Seremban for 9 weeks! Luckily, I have LG to accompany me. I have 2 options:
  • To find a house to stay there for 2 months
  • To travel to Seremban everyday
What can I do?

I met Dr Tey, and i know the difficulty faced by the pharmacy practice team. Dr Tey advised us to learn to tackle problem, instead of avoiding it. Hey.. Am I avoiding? I've accepted the fact that I'm placed in Hospital Seremban. The reason I met Dr Tey is to discuss for any alternative or way to help us out financially. I have to rent another room in Seremban. If I were to travel, that would cost me more than RM600 for the 9 weeks. Besides, it will be very tiring for us to drive there everyday.

Dr Tey also asked us to choose the hospital based on their reputation and not because of convenience to get there. Hey.. do we know which hospital is good? Most of us will definitely choose a place which is convenience for us la..

After writing this post, maybe I'll be called up to meet the dean, Prof Peter Pook. But no point of meeting him. There is nothing he can do to cure my 'upset' feeling. I hope Dr Tey won't have hard feeling after reading this post. I still want to graduate together with my coursemate on May 2008.

I'm thankful in Faculty of Pharmacy of IMU, there is Dr Kang, who is willing to listen to our opinion. At least, there is some one in the faculty that we can voice our opinion directly.

Just look at the bright side of life. At Seremban, I get to try life style of another town in Malaysia. I get to eat the food there. I hope to learn more from the supervisor there. I get to serve the Seremban people in the hospital. Just 9 weeks. Come on!!

Seremban Hospital.. Here I come!!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Own domain

Last weekend I log in to my wordpress blog at Wordpress has better template and is much easier to use. I was thinking of moving my blog to my own domain.

The reason I want to shift to my own domain is:
  • I will have more freedom to edit my blog
  • I will have more opportunity with PayPerPost
  • I cant separate all my review post in another subdomain, then my blog visitor can choose to see my normal un(interesting) post
I've consult a few famous blogger regarding webhosting. Fattien currently use BlueWeb Solution. He also recommends me to use serverfreak, which is used by AprilCherrie. I've also considered easynet, because the company is located near Taman Desa.

However, has been taken. Sad.. Now the main problem is to get another good site name that is easy to remember.

Any suggestion? Is there any important factor that I must consider?