Friday, November 30, 2007

Mr BoomBa

Last night, I watched Mr BoomBa with ky. We laugh non stop. Mr BoomBa is actually a funky tough guy. I love the short animation and the cute cartoon characters. The music is great too.

The main character is Mr BoomBa himself. He is trying to win the heart of Bomee. They have the fate to be each other, but each time is at the wrong time. Watch it yourself and i'm sure you will laugh like mad. Below are the main characters in the animation:I personally like 'episode 8: Spring' so much. I feel so 'pain', yet funny after watching. Even my gf also feel the 'pain'. HaHa.. Don't get what I mean? Quickly watch 'spring'.Visit Mr BoomBa!


Lee Chien said...

it's cute, but i never watch it before leh...

Iwan Sanchez said...


yeah lah, i never knew got such cartoon..


its funny tho but how u get to know of this?

hp84 said...

to [lee chien]
Yea, it's the first time i watch the animation too.

to [iwan sanchez]
Got from one of my friend friendster message. Thought of sharing it with all my blogger friends. :)

chingy said...

Thanks for the link! Heading towards there now. XD

hp84 said...

to [chingy]
You're welcome. Hope you enjoy the cute funny animation. :)