Thursday, November 01, 2007

COMPAQ is back

Today I am quite happy because my COMPAQ laptop is finally back!!My laptop problem that I mention on my previous post of 'COMPAQ gone' has been solved. This time I sent my laptop to VISTACOM TECHNOLOGY. The owner of the shop, Mr Ng is very kind. Although I think he overcharge me a little bit (RM80), but at least he managed to repair my laptop.
The problem is due to CMOS battery. My CMOS battery is gone and because of that, my laptop will be reset to January 1980 each time I startup Windows. I was not born yet!!

I would like to thanks iCalvyn for giving me his opinion on my laptop problem.



I lost my DVD Combo. 2 weeks ago i went to take back my laptop from the previous shop, Technology. However, I didn't realize that my DVD Combo is gone. For this past 2 weeks, I've been so busy with my thesis presentation until 2 days ago, Li Guo told me that my DVD Combo is gone. Till today, the guy (Balan) still can't find my DVD Combo. I hate Technology. Please don't go to this shop if you plan to repair your PC/Noteboook.

Ok.. I know technician (IT, electrical, mechanic, etc..) will overcharge consumer like us. YapKevin once told me during our yamcha session that he rather pay more as long as the service provided is good. True!!

Lesson that I learn:
  • Jot down serial number before sending to the technician
  • Take a picture of your item
  • Check the item once you get it back from the technician
  • Don't trust Technician
  • Don't go to Technology anymore!!


Anonymous said...

LOL.u use Sunsilk hair moisturizer.

curryegg said...

really? sigh... I hate those technician no matter hp, computer or other electronic stuff.. cos they cheat us a lot (ok, I should say some).
Thank for sharing your lessons. I will remember them..

hp84 said...

to [roarsss]
You're quite observant. Too bad you're wrong. I don't use Sunsilk hair moisturize. HeHe..
How's ur cupplecake?

to [curryegg]
I really hate them too..
No problem, just send your electronic, hp or computer to person that you know..

Anonymous said...

LOL.den it must be!

hp84 said...

to [roarsss]
Yea, you're right this time. HeHe..

iCalvyn said...

damm..saw to heard that that fella make loss your thing... some time they purposely change it, change to the cheaper device...

IT people mostly are CON... This really make me shy as a IT people...

I also found alot around my field... all tipu makan, some more very cocky

hp84 said...

to [icalvyn]
I don't mean to say all IT people are con. Sorry.
The lesson that I learn is to send it to IT person that I at least know, then they wont simply take advantage of my laptop.
Thanks for helping me by providing useful information regarding my laptop.