Friday, November 30, 2007

Mr BoomBa

Last night, I watched Mr BoomBa with ky. We laugh non stop. Mr BoomBa is actually a funky tough guy. I love the short animation and the cute cartoon characters. The music is great too.

The main character is Mr BoomBa himself. He is trying to win the heart of Bomee. They have the fate to be each other, but each time is at the wrong time. Watch it yourself and i'm sure you will laugh like mad. Below are the main characters in the animation:I personally like 'episode 8: Spring' so much. I feel so 'pain', yet funny after watching. Even my gf also feel the 'pain'. HaHa.. Don't get what I mean? Quickly watch 'spring'.Visit Mr BoomBa!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Big Apple Donuts

Today afternoon, one indian guy called me and asked me whether want to be Add Maths tuition teacher in my hometown. I used to teach Add Maths in a tuition center while waiting for my STPM result. All I can say is the pay is very very good.

Almost everyone is going crazy with J. Co for the past few weeks. Famous blogger like smashp0p, Rames, and my friends (Alan and Chi Fei) also blog on J. Co.

It's my turn to blog on my favourite donuts; Big Apple Donuts.

This is the Big Apple store in Tesco, Cheras.Thanks Wai Kit, for buying the donuts for us. We were too hungry that time. Eat 7 pieces of donuts, only remember to snap photo. HeHe..Well, I've tried J. Co once and I still prefer Big Apple donuts. The table below is my personal comparison for both the donuts shocker.What's your donuts opinion?

Monday, November 26, 2007

BMW paperman

One simple story to share..
It took place in a bus stop. I had been observing one old uncle selling chinese newspaper. It's a drive-thru vendor, where car will stop-by and the uncle will bring the newspaper for the driver.

A BMW 5 series came and wanted to buy chinese newspaper (costing RM1.20 i think). This BMW 5 series owner had difficulty to find small changes, all he got was RM1. So, the newspaper uncle told the BMW owner that it's ok. As a gentleman, the BMW owner refuse to buy the newspaper for RM1. So, he tried hard to find change. After few minutes, he managed to find another RM1. So, the BMW driver paid RM2 and asked the uncle to keep the change. However, the newspaper uncle refused and wanted to pay back the change.

This simple story teaches us to treat everyone with equality and never take advantage of another person. Let's make this world a better place to live.

Share with me your opinion ok? I'm sure everyone got their own opinion.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Photo Studio

Last month, I went to YS photo studio at SS2 with KY and her family. The service provided by them is not bad, although the first time shot picture was corrupted in their computer. They did offer second time photo shot, with extra photo after some negotiation. However, I don't like their cameraman.

The final product is nice. I got the raw picture from them, each photo is about 10 MB in size. Unbelievable big!! I tried to zoom in and it's so clear.

Picture of me and my dear..Next is picture taken with her family.For more pictures of KY's UKM convocation, please click the link.

I remembered I have graduated in 1990. I'm waiting for my next graduation as a pharmacist graduate mid of next year.That's how I look like when I was 6 years old. Just laugh/cry/smile/etc.. if you want. HaHa.. I don't mind.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


During my 2 days trip in Cameron Highland, I went Rose Valley and Big Red Strawberry Farm to to see nice flowers. The flowers in Cactus Valley is also quite nice, but they charge RM4 per entrance.

I'll not write much for this post, enjoy the pictures of CAMeron FLOWERS:Also, see my other post on:

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

BOH tea plantation

Have you ever been to a tea plantation before?

Well, I've been to the famous BOH tea plantation in Cameron Highland. One is located in Sungei Palas, Brinchang and the other one is in Ringlet (if i'm not mistaken). I prefer the latter plantation as it much bigger and one of the oldest too.It's so cooling and refreshing there.. I feel like rolling down the hill. Crazy huh?Lastly, my post end with a cup of Blackcurrant BOH tea ice. Super duper nice!! I bought a packet of peach tea ice, while KY bought a packet of blackcurrant tea ice.Also, check out my post on Cameron Trip, got lots of strawberry and food pictures.
~HP thought~
Today while I was surfing my senior (P104)'s blog, i was surprised to know that pharmacist critical allowance has been increased from RM100 to RM750!! I was thinking, extra RM750 per month.. what can I do with it?? Click here to see my senior's blog.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Cameron Trip

The 2 days 1 night Cameron Highland Trip is very relaxing. I like the breezy cool weather there.

I stayed in Bala's Holiday Chalet. It's an English-style hotel located on a private hill. It was used as a boarding school for European children in the 1930s. I highly recommend this chalet.I also went to Bee Farm and got myself pure honey. Nice place to learn more about honey.I bought all the strawberries from Raju's Hill. This is the place to get fresh strawberry.Try to guess my favourite among all the pictures shown above?

Monday, November 05, 2007

Serenity at its peak

It's comfirmed..I'll be going to Cameron Highland with my dear on 8th of November. Just hope that there will not be traffic jam there. I want to eat strawberry..

My plan will be a short trip to Ipoh to try the famous Ipoh Dim Sum and Hor Fun. I'll also visit Kogi, who lives in Ringlet to celebrate Deepavali.

So, I'll be out from this blogging world for few days. Meanwhile, have a look at my previous trip;
Anyone want strawberry? Let me know earlier okie..

Saturday, November 03, 2007

KL night view

Few days ago, I accompanied Li Guo to find Shal Ling, who lives in Vista B Tower 27th floor. I brought along Sony T10 because the view from her apartment is really nice.

All the pictures below is taken using ISO400 and focus set at infinity.

The first picture can express me feeling for the day. Very peaceful and relief after finishing my thesis presentation. In addition, Prof Peter Pook (PPP) did give me some positive feedback after my presentationThe second picture, zoom in with 3X optical zoom.Lastly, picture of the almost completed KL-Putrajaya Highway. This highway has created controversial among the resident of Sri Petaling. Click this link to see their disappointment. However, I think it's too late to give them support now, as the highway is almost completed. I'm sure the property value round the area will drop drastically.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

COMPAQ is back

Today I am quite happy because my COMPAQ laptop is finally back!!My laptop problem that I mention on my previous post of 'COMPAQ gone' has been solved. This time I sent my laptop to VISTACOM TECHNOLOGY. The owner of the shop, Mr Ng is very kind. Although I think he overcharge me a little bit (RM80), but at least he managed to repair my laptop.
The problem is due to CMOS battery. My CMOS battery is gone and because of that, my laptop will be reset to January 1980 each time I startup Windows. I was not born yet!!

I would like to thanks iCalvyn for giving me his opinion on my laptop problem.



I lost my DVD Combo. 2 weeks ago i went to take back my laptop from the previous shop, Technology. However, I didn't realize that my DVD Combo is gone. For this past 2 weeks, I've been so busy with my thesis presentation until 2 days ago, Li Guo told me that my DVD Combo is gone. Till today, the guy (Balan) still can't find my DVD Combo. I hate Technology. Please don't go to this shop if you plan to repair your PC/Noteboook.

Ok.. I know technician (IT, electrical, mechanic, etc..) will overcharge consumer like us. YapKevin once told me during our yamcha session that he rather pay more as long as the service provided is good. True!!

Lesson that I learn:
  • Jot down serial number before sending to the technician
  • Take a picture of your item
  • Check the item once you get it back from the technician
  • Don't trust Technician
  • Don't go to Technology anymore!!