Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sneak Preview O2

I'll be very very busy for the next few days, as my thesis presentation is scheduled on either 30 October 2007. My examiner is Prof Peter Pook, Dr Ignacio, and Dr Venkatesan!! Wish me good luck okie..

I'll just give a sneak preview for my next post. See the picture below and try to guess..
Tips: See the word O2..


yapkevin said...

Good Luck dude

Berberboo said...

hehe... u bought a new phone!!!! =D
exams.... buh buh
good luck to urs too... =D

curryegg said...

Wish you all the best.. ;)

hp84 said...

to [yapkevin]

to [berberboo]
Hehe, u got it right.. I will give a simple review in my next post. So, stay tune!

to [curryegg]
Thanks a lot..

MerCuRy said...

wow O2 phone... but then sometimes this phone quite laggy 1

hp84 said...

to [mercury]
Yea, it can be laggy if you open too many programme. Overall this phone is still one of the best in the market, since it has WIFI.