Friday, October 05, 2007

Ferrari Collection

At last I got back internet connection at home. This time, me and my housemates decided to subscribe to TimeCel. The speed is not as fast as Streamyx, but enough for me to blog and check mail.

Today post will on my Ferrari car collection. Since the first time I drove in 2002, I've been using Shell's petrol (I'm loyal customer of Shell, hope the boss will read my blog and reward me). Few months back, they work together with Mattel to produce 6 limited edition Ferrari car. I managed to collect all of them.

Below are the pictures of my collection.
Lastly, all 6 cars together on top of my laptop.Let me know which car you like most..


SabrinaW said...

I like superamerica!! hehe

hp84 said...

to [sabrinaw]

Superamerica is nice. Try to guess which car is my favourite. HeHe..

Iwan Sanchez said...

i love enzo!!

hp84 said...

to [iwan sanchez]

Your choice is not bad, which car do you think I like the most? HeHe..

eelin said...

i go for enzo ferari =)

F2005 said...

I'll choose F2005, Kimi Raikkonen will be the champion for this season!!

Serena said...

all cars are red! no difference, hehe~~~

hp84 said...

to [eelin]

Not bad your choice, that's one of the most popular car, and hard to find. I hunt the car all the way till Malacca.

to [f2005]

The F2005 is the only car with single engine among all the 6 cars. I'm also supporter of Kimi Raikkonen.

to [serena]

They're limited edition.. Red because that's the colour of Ferrari.

iCalvyn said...

once of my friend also car collector, only for hot whell, he said after few year, the card worth a lot.

Cos hot wheel only produce twice a year, after finish produce, it won produce the same model again

hp84 said...

to [icalvyn]
I also have a few antique car collection. However, collecting car is an expensive hobby.

The good thing is the value will appreciate few years later. said...

The enzo ferrari is so cool!!

hp84 said...

to []
Yea, I agree with you.. Enzo Ferrari is the best!!