Friday, October 19, 2007

Compaq gone

Today I'm very sad..

The main reason is because my laptop is 'gone'. Last Thursday, I brought my laptop to Digital Mall, PJ. For your information, my laptop clock will be reset to year 1980 each time i turn on my laptop. Also, my laptop will auto-switch on.

Again, I got different 'diagnosis' for my laptop problem. Read my previous post on different 'diagnosis' for my SLK.

See the 3 diagnosis:
  1. First shop that I went into told me that there is problem with my harddisk.
  2. Second shop told me that there is problem with CMOS battery.

The second shop technician told me that it can be repaired with cost less than RM50. However, he didnt wan't to repair for me, since it's hard to 'dissect' a laptop.

So, I went to this shop Technology. The guy was really friendly, and offered to repair for me for RM120. So, I left my laptop there.


I went back to the shop, and he told me that the problem is not due to CMOS battery, but due to motherboard. Cost of repair is RM900!!

I'm so sad now.. Got my presentation to finish up followed by the killer thesis.

Someone please help me..


Nicholas said...

900?? wtf? buy new one leh.. add 1k.

Darren10 said...

+_= dun you have warranty?? 900.. too expensive for a main board.. perhaps that guy is cheating you,...

fattien said...

Em....sorry, I have no words to comfort you. RM900...wah. I might consider to buy a new one lar.

Do more backup next time. I also kena before.

hp84 said...

to [Nicholas]
Yea, I plan to buy desktop when I work next year

to [Darren10]
My laptop is almost 4 years old, I think the warranty already expired. I'll check..
Yea, RM900 is too expensive for student..

to [fattien]
Nvm, it's ok. I don't plan to repair my laptop anymore..
Now i need to backup all my data, before my motherboard crash.

De Pianist said...


MerCuRy said...

honestly not worth to take your laptop to repair to cost around RM900... I prefer you to get a new 1

hp84 said...

to [de pianist]
I'm also speechless.. :(

to [mercury]
I also don't plan to repair my laptop, just hope got expert to help me to repair at lower cost.

Anonymous said...


ven said...

wow...then u got no u reply blog msgs de?? 900 bucks v ask our super poo if he has any idea? hmm..this is bad ma fren...but somehow whenever there is any major assignments handup..sure our pc hardware ada problem..aku also experience..u can do it!

hp84 said...

to [roarss]
900 bucks.. what do you see?

to [ven]
Yea lo, I very sui wan. Everytime before major event that require laptop, sure something will happen. Now I'm using KY's laptop.

How are you in Gebeng?

Ken said...

Becareful from these computer shops. They would cheat you at any chance they get.