Sunday, September 23, 2007

IMU Cup Football Champion

Sorry there is no update for more than 1 week. The reason is the ISP (internet service provider) that I'm using has been closed down. So, I don't have internet connection.

One good news to share with all my reader is my team (Pharmacy A) is the champion for IMU Cup Football 2007/2008.

Route to victory..
Group Stage
5 Pharmacy A vs Sem 2 Medic 1
1 Pharmacy A vs Sem 1 Medic 0
3 Pharmacy A vs Sem 3 Medic 2

Semi Final
4 Pharmacy A vs Sem 4 Medic 2

0 Pharmacy A vs Sem 5 Medic 0
(Penalty win 4-2)

I scored 1 lucky goal during the first match against Medic Semester 2. During the final match, I scored the second penalty. Below is the picture of my team captain. He is a really good player and leads the team well.
Next is the whole team with supporter:Lastly, picture of the champion!! Spot me..


SabrinaW said...

hmm.. no I can't recognise u.haha.. what's ur tshirt number?

Iwan Sanchez said...

Congrats bro!!!

i didnt know u can play soccer well!!

better than me, i suppose..

CRIZ LAI said...

Awww...not my type of ball game.. haha

hp84 said...

to [SabrinaW]
Nvm.. it's ok. I'm number 20!! HeHe..

to [Iwan Sanchez]
Thanks a lot..
It's actually team work that lead us to the be the champion of IMU (International Medical University) Football competition.
Maybe we can play football one day..

You should try to play football, it's really exciting and nice game.