Saturday, September 15, 2007

HP84 support Advertlets

This word can be found in most of the Malaysian and Singaporean blog. It has been a hit since it was introduced few months ago. I know a few famous blogger have cash out their cheque from Advertlets.I include Advertlets in my blog to show my support for this homegrown advertising network company. Although my humble blog can't bring in thousands of visitors per day, but I getting the extra 20 or 30 visitors per day is good enough. My blog is only visited by my friends and also some new bloggers that I get to know.

The amount that I get so far is not enough for me to cash out, but I'm fine. I will try to make my blog more interesting and gain more visitors. I'm able to help Advertlets to gain more visitors and at the same time, I earn some money.

I'm really looking forward to my first cheque from Advertlets. I will most probably use the money to buy a new PDA phone. Oo yea, Advertlets currently running a promotion in their website. Check it out from the link below:
“ - Blog Advertising in Asia!”


Maxiron said...

I plan to start a new blog, and I'll definitely apply for Advertlets. Thanks.

iCalvyn said...

well, so far i feel that advertlets is better than another local company...

hp84 said...

to [maxiron]
Sure. I'm glad you apply for Advertlets. Keep it up!

to [icalvyn]
We must support local company..

teddY said...

I've been hearing a lot of good reviews about Adverlets! At least so far it's not jumping any payments, unlike many other foreign advertising firms which tend to default on payments. And yep it's a local grown advertising firm, and it's very interesting to see how local small and medium enterprises rises up against the competition of foreign firms, which is definitely a good thing :)

Have fun!

hp84 said...

to [teddy]

Yea, we must support the local grown advertising firm. As far as i know, Advertlets have not jump on any payment. Thanks for your comment.

Have a nice day!

iCalvyn said...

you get ur RM20 already? seen like no announcement from them

hp84 said...

to [icalvyn]
I checked my balanced in Advertlets, and suddenly got extra RM20. But there is still no announcement from Advertlets yet.