Friday, September 07, 2007


Firstly, I would like to apologize for not posting any new post. I've been out of the blogging world for more than 2 weeks. The ISP that I'm currently using, NasionCom has been closed down. Therefore, I can't online unless i go to my uni. Another reason is I'm playing for Pharmacy A football team. So far, we won all 3 matches in the group stage and qualify for semifinal.
I'm so busy with my research project that I've to stay overnight till 3AM to get the lab result. Sigh.. We keep on complaining to the lecturer that there is not enough lab facilities (Laminar cupboard), but nothing can be done.

Anyway, I'm doing my research on 3T3 cells (mouse embryo fibroblasts), which mean I've check on their condition and feed them with food (RPMI medium) every 3 days. The picture below show you microscopic view of my 3T3 cells.Then, I'll add extract (Caulerpa racemosa and Turbinaria conoides) to the cell to test the antioxidant properties.Then, I'll plate it on the 96-plate well.
Tough!! Sigh..


Iwan Sanchez said...

U are back!!

congrats abt the soccer thing!
ur research looks so intimidating..


looks so foreign to me..

Berberboo said...

hey... the thingy under the microscope looks like a cross breed of viruses and mosquito larvae... xD


SilverIsle said...

Cool one! Hehe. Labs are always fun. =D

P/S: Have you bought your camera yet?

hp84 said...

to [iwan sanchez]
thanks.. My research is quite tough, although can be quite free some time.

to [berberboo]
I'm sick of taking care of my 3T3 cell. I've been sick+cough for the past 1 week.

to [silverisle]
Yea, lab is fun but boring too.
I've not bought the Sony Alpha, no money recently. Sigh..

SabrinaW said...

whoa... ur research looks scary. Haha.. but it's cool too!

SabrinaW said...

hey.. will add you to my blog too!

teddY said...

Woah your project sounds really complicated and sophisicated! All the best in that! Haha! The nearest I could get to your level is when I did gel electrophoresis of DNA samples, which is quite boring... your project sounds way more exciting than what I've done before, haha!

Anywya thanks for leaving tags and comments over at my blog! I'm eternally grateful. My exams are sitll ongoing now so I'll most probably be completely back after November...

Have fun and take care!

hp84 said...

to [sabrinaw]
Yea, my research is a little scary, but it can be fun. Thanks for adding me. I'll add you soon.

to [teddy]
Doing research can be both fun and tiring. But your once in a lifetime of handling gel electrophoresis should not be forgotten. It's fun, at least it's an experience.

You're welcome, and thanks for visiting my blog too. I wish you all the best and good luck for your exam. You can do it!!