Saturday, August 18, 2007

UKM convocation

Last Monday, I attended KY's convocation at DEKTAR, UKM. This is my first time attending convocation. I offered to be the official photographer.

We reached the hall at about 650AM and get into the hall at about 745AM. Since it's an free-seating event, we quickly walk to the middle of the hall to get a good seat. They organizer only allowed photograph to be taken from own seat. Picture below shows the grand hall:The middle seats are reserved for the graduating students.The event was a bit boring and lengthy, as we have to wait for about 600+ students going up the stage to get their scroll. At about 1130AM, we get to move out from the hall.

Now, it's photo time!!

From left; HP, KY, Suk Peng (Kepong), and Irene (Penang)Suk Peng and HPKen (Sarawak) and HP. I used to stayed in his room in Ungku Omar during semester 1.
Picture of me and my dear..Lastly, one big family picture with the famous 'gong' and DEKTAR as the background.
Congratulation to KY!!


Iwan Sanchez said...


nice pics there!!

official photographer seh..


so when is your turn?

Serena said...

nice pics!

i went to the convo last year to duty, yeah, I agree with you, pretty grand and boring. Hehehe...

O.O congrats to ur gf ya! she's from FST? Hehe, i think her fac's jubah is the nicest of all~

hope to see ur convo's pics too, hehe...


hp84 said...

to [iwan sanchez]
Thanks bro. Official photographer is not an easy task you know..
My convo will be on mid of next year

to [serena]
Yea, after watching those people that you know, then it's really boring, waiting for the event to end.
I represent her to say thanks to you. Yea, she's from FST, the biggest faculty in UKM. Purple is the colour.. hehe..

Serena said...

haha, welcome...

my fac is the smallest, really small~

hp84 said...

to [serena]
Your faculty is not small, it is much bigger than my uni. HaHa..
Anyway, i think your faculty is growing..

Yap Kevin said...

come to kl also never call me out ah? u good! :P

JustAnotherTragedy said...

aww sweet :)
wucha got her? hehehe

hp84 said...

to [yapkevin]
I'm in KL all the time. HeHe..
U so busy with ur baby.. no time to meet me also

to [justanothertragedy]
Wat i got for her? The POOH bear.. : )