Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sungai Lembing Yong Tau Foo

In the peaceful and quiet town of Sungai Lembing, there is a famous Yong Tau Foo stall. Each pieces of yong tau foo cost between RM0.20 and RM0.30. I remembered i ordered a bowl which cost RM3.20, and I couldn't finish it. HaHa..

Lots of choices..
They will ask whether you want 'siham' or not. By the way, I hate 'siham'.
Their famous tau fu.. Really nice and smooth texture..
Lastly, a bowl of curry mee that i ordered..Usually, this stall will be crowded every Sunday. People usually come to eat after climbing Bukit Panorama to see the beautiful sunrise.


skfc2o said...

I feel hungry now after reading this post..

Berberboo said...


teddY said...

I love cockles too! I think many people doesn't like them because according to my friend (who hates them too) claims that the juice that comes out from that little creature is just gross when you bite on it... haha! Well no matter what kind of personal preferences you have, I believe that the curry noodles you've ordered are definitely tasty! I can almost smell the aroma of the curry over here! Hehe :)

hp84 said...

to [berberboo]
I can't stand the smell of cockles.. too bad..

to [teddy]
I still remember my first time eating cockle.. accidentally.. yucks.. I can't stand the smell and the juice. Now, i'm anti-cockles. HeHe..
Oo yea, the curry mee is really nice.

Yap Kevin said...

the taufu look damn nice loh... ish ish

Pepperpourri said...

The yong tau foo looks so delicious! Ipoh has one shop which sells very good yong tau foo too. I just had it last week lol.

hp84 said...

to [pepperpourri]
Yea, it is indeed very delicious. I've not tried the Ipoh's version and I would like to try it some day..

jianbing said...

*click* again! hahaha.

bro, can change my link name to Ahbing? I want to stop using "fuizaibing" already.. because I am starting to keep fit MUAHAHAHHA!

*click again* hahaha I am addicted $_$

hp84 said...

to [jianbing]
What do you mean by 'click'? HeHe..
Sure, i'll change your link to Ahbing..