Thursday, August 02, 2007

Keropok Sagu

In the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, there is another version of keropok known as Keropok Sagu. Keropok Sagu contains a mixture of fish, prawn, vegetable, and sago. Usually, it will be deep-fried. Some local people prefer to boil it.
This time, I would like to recommend this particular shop at Tanjong Lumpur, Kuantan. Their version of keropok tastes a bit like KFC. The outer layer is very crunchy (only when it's still hot), and the inner layer is so soft. Dip it with their special chilli sauce. Saliva drooling..
So, next time you get to Kuantan, try to look for Keropok Sagu, and I'm sure you'll like it!!


WP said...

Hey, are you in Kuantan now? Maybe we could meet up or something... :)

Berberboo said...

isnt it keropok lekor??? same thing right??? ^^ yummy =D

hp84 said...

to [WP]
I'm in KL now.. Don't think will be going back Kuantan so soon. When are you going back to France?

To [berberboo]
If i'm not mistaken, it is same with keropok lekor, just that sago has been added. Next time if u get to Kuantan, must give it a try ok.

JustAnotherTragedy said...

Is it sweet? Hehe it looks like its sweet and is very fluffy inside like cotton candy. mMmm cotton candy...

Iwan Sanchez said...

nevertheless, it looks tantalising!!

i must try it!!

thnaks for recommending new food to a mountain turtle like me.. hahhahaa!

hp84 said...

to [justanothertragedy]
To describe the taste, try to imagine KFC chicken..

to [iwan]
Yea, it's really nice.. you definitely must give it a try..

no problem, do visit my blog as I will promote more places and foods from Pahang..

WP said...

In KL? Thinking of keropok sagu so much? :P
I'll be going back to France the 13th Sept...going to KL for a while this Thursday though. Why don't you send me an e-mail with your phone number? I'll try to contact you if I have some free time...

hp84 said...

to [wp]
Yea, I'm in KL now. Think I'll be going back to Kuantan next weekend. I've just sent an email to you.
Happy holiday!!

aizarin said...

me likey so much kepok sagu!!!! must try eat dis coz not so many place got dis type of kepok... very diff from keropok leko.. =)

hp84 said...

to [aizarin]
Keropok sagu is really nice :)