Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fantasy Premier League

I'll be joining both Yahoo Fantasy Premiership and Fantasy Premier League this coming season. This season, I was invited by Alen (B105) to join their B105 Premier League. If you are pharmacy student from IMU, you are most invited to join this league. The more, the merrier.. Please obtain the league code from me..

Apart from that, I'll be joining SKFC League created by Edward (SKFC10).

Let me show you sneak preview of my team jersey.

I will create a team in Yahoo Fantasy Premiership also. I've not decided on my team yet. If you want to join group created by William Cheah, please join group 2605 (group name is Youth park Group) and the password is 123.

Last season, I manage to finish 1st among my housemates and 3rd in the bigger league.

Come on, let's join now!! and HP84 will be the champion!!


Iwan Sanchez said...


how i wish i can join u and take part together!!


good luck ok..

hp84 said...

to [iwan sanchez]
iwan bro.. sure you can join, you're always welcome to join the league..


col said...

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