Tuesday, July 31, 2007

SLK rosak

SLK = Small Little Kancil
Again, my SLK show signs of aging. Last Sunday, there is weird sound whenever i make left turning. For the past few days, there is constant irritating sound when i drive at 20-40 km/h.

Today, I sent my car to a workshop in Sri Kembangan. The friendly mechanic told me that both my front wheel tie rod must be changed with the price of RM172, excluding alignment and labour charge. The picture below show you how a tie rod looks like.Then, I drove my car to Sri Petaling, and my car was diagnosed with another problem. This mechanic told me that my car tie rod is fine. I just need to change the ball bearing, which will cost me about RM120.

Later on, I drove to another workshop and this unfriendly mechanic said that there is problem with drivershaft head, which will cost me RM240.

How can 3 different mechanic give me 3 totally different 'diagnosis'? !!!##!#$!

A bad day for me..


thwen said...

3 different diagnosises? So which one did you 'accept'?

By the way, thanks for dropping by my blog. =)

SilverIsle said...

LOLz. Car is like human's body? Different "technician" gives different "diagnosis"? =D

Berberboo said...

eyyy... ur car old liaw... thats why banyak problems... like old people also... so manyyyy probs... =D

Iwan Sanchez said...

yeah lah..
that was so ridiculous!!

i tink they are there to cheat your money!!!


so whose advice u heed?

hp84 said...

to [thwen]
No prob.. I don't know which wan to accept..

to [SilverIsle]
'diagnosis' sounds better to me.. hehe

to [Berberboo]
My car will be 10 years old next year.. Will use it till i graduate.. : (

to [Iwan Sanchez]
I need to discuss with my dad first.. but the sounds getting worst today..

thwen said...

Just write them on 3 different pieces of paper accordingly, and choose ala lucky draw, haha!

hp84 said...

to [thwen]
I've send my car to the first workshop that I went to, at Sri Kembangan.. hope they don't overcharge me.. no lucky draw.. hehe

JustAnotherTragedy said...

Wah this is sucky. Getting my car serviced is already a pain what more to say have lotsa other probs -.-

hp84 said...

To [justanothertragedy]
Yea, owning a car is not easy..
Anyway, my car has been repaired for RM217!! The mechanic is very friendly, good guy..