Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cute car

I've been quite busy recently, with my research project and also IMU cup training. There will be an oral proposal presentation this Friday, which contributes 70% of the Research Methodology module. I will just blog on some cute cars that has been forwarded by my friend. Enjoy the pictures..By the way, I plan to buy Sony Alpha-100, which is used by Chi Fei. Currently, I used my old 2MP digital camera to snap pictures. Some of the more beautiful picture is taken using Sony T-10. To all my visitor, please give me your opinion ok..

Q: Should I buy Sony Alpha-100 or not?


Berberboo said...

looks like photoshop work le... eheh... or whatever u call those softwares which alters images... ^^ but very cute though... ^^

SilverIsle said...

Hmm... For me, I always prefer Canon if I'm eying for a digital camera.

hp84 said...

to [berberboo]

those pictures are forwarded by my friend.. some people say the pictures look so gay.. hehe..

to [silverisle]

Canon.. quite expensive and i've not use Canon before.. Which DSLR model would u recommend then?

Iwan Sanchez said...

actually adik,
it depends on ur needs and budget..
if u are really into photgraphy, then might as well get a DSLR..

cos if u dun have the true passion for photography, the passion might just fade..

in my opinion, for leisure, sony T10 is reasonablly ok lah..

but then again, it lies with ur needs...

hope u make the right choice!

SilverIsle said...

Hey. Sorry. I actually know nothing in photography lar. Haha. I'm just using an ordinary digital camera.

Tried searching for the Sony Alpha-100 you wanted. Looks good eh. Just go ahead with your choice. I'm sure it will work perfectly fine for you. =)

Chee Eng said...

Nikon D40. U can get it for around rm2200 or cheaper. it's a good DSLR. Nikon and canon are well known for their camera processor.

hp84 said...

to [iwan] and [silverisle]

Thanks a lot for your opinion..
I think my passion for photography is not deep enough. Maybe I'll reconsider my decision..

to [chee eng]

So far, most of my friend also recommend Nikon DSLR. Are you currently using it? RM2200 include lens kit and memory card or not?

Iwan Sanchez said...

glad to hear that!!!

albert said...

The Nikon D40 cannot autofocus with the 50mm F1.8, which makes it very hard to use without flash in the dark/evening/indoors. The buttons are very limiting also.

At RM2600 the A100 is a great deal. Built-in anti-shake and wireless flash help with all lighting conditions!

hp84 said...

to [iwan sanchez]

to [albert]
I'm actually quite new to the DSLR world. I think my camera knowledge is mostly focusing on normal Sony DSC camera (T-10).

I'll check the A100. Anyway, have been to your website. Really nice those pictures..

KennetH said...

yeah...nice money to buy...
hopefully , I afford to buy it in the future

hp84 said...

to [kenneth]

you sure and will buy nice car in the future.. work hard for your dream car..