Saturday, July 21, 2007

B One o Four

Today is B One o Four (B104) Birthday. B104 is actually the pharmacy batch that I'm in now.. I'm in my final year (more specific semester 7). This post is to see back what I've done for the past 6 semesters.


Join IMU as a noob, hair style also noob.. I appear in newspaper!! Sin Chew..
During the orientation, I have to act as Superman, Shin Chan, sexy girl, etc.. I really enjoy the orientation. This is also the first time I get into IMU football and futsal team. Quick to establish myself into the team. I really salute my captain, Eric.

Then, I donate 450cc of my blood. Still have this photo of Alan.. faint!! or perhaps sleeping.. HeHe..SEMESTER 2..

Shift to my new room at C-24-01 together with Alan, Ken, Zhi yang, Ben, and Chia Whey.


Welcoming our junior B105.. All in black and red.IMU cup.. fails to win anything..


Move in to C-05-01, till now I'm staying with Li Guo, Yen Wei, Poh Hon, and junior Keng Nam. Have fun time playing basketball and football in the living room with them.


IMU cup.. manage to get 3rd place for Futsal.Then, attended 2 weeks industry attachment at YSP..Also, attended 3-day course on Billings Ovulation Method (BOM) at Hotel Armada, PJ.SEMESTER 6..

3 weeks attachment at Hospital Kuala Lumpur, where I get to know better the world of pharmacist. During the holiday, I did my elective at Lims' Pharmacy, Kuantan.

Now I'm in Semester 7..
What do I expect from this semester?
Let me set the target:
  • To win both football and futsal in IMU cup
  • To get better result to bring up my CGPA
  • To move on with the big project with my SKFC friends..
I also get to make close friends during my 6 semesters in IMU. Below are pictures of me and my close friend in IMU.From left: Noob Poh Hon, Prince Zhi Yang, CD Li Guo, k2k Wai Kit, HP84, and HSL Yen Wei.


Anonymous said...

hmm..time passes so year this time we might not see each other d..happy birthday to B104!!

yee yin said...

HAPPY bday to B104!!!
I feel proud to become one of the Bpharmer.
Time really flies.Sem 7 edi.....

teddY said...

Cool! You're on the newspaper! Haha I never dreamt of myself going on a newspaper anyway XD lucky you! Anyway I think it's really kind if you to donate blood! Many people still have that old-time stigma that donating blood will make you die early or have health problems when you age etc. My college have this blood donation drive every year, and it's quite common to see people faint after donating blood, but it's perfectly normal. That's why nurses usually urge people who've just donated blood to take more water and get some rest before resuming their daily activities.

Serena said...

you guys look really cool~~~

good luck for ur sem 7 and the IMU cup! win win win!!!


JustAnotherTragedy said...

waseh look so leng chai

hp84 said...

to [anonymous] and [yeeyin]

BPharm really taught us a lot and make us a better person. We're like 'Survivor in the white IMU building'.

to [teddy]

Appear in newspaper is nice.. someday you'll have the chance. Each time donate blood, they will provide free drink and food. But I would suggest taking light food before donating, it will increase your sugar level, which will prevent you from fainting.

to [serena]
thanks thanks.. i will try my best to win win win!! hehe..

to [JustAnotherTragedy]

june, r u interested with any of my friend? I can become middleman.. hehe

~PeY!n9~ said...

really miss all days we all being together in IMU...
i think no more chance for us to gather in IMU as a whole for this semester...
anyway,meet all of you in sem 8 ya...
happy birthday bpharm.

hp84 said...

to [peying]

yea.. thinking back.. feel like time passes so fast..

thanks for your guidance in Malacca.. Next time go there sure will look for u again.

happy birthday to you too..

SilverIsle said...

Haha. LOLz at the photo of Alan. Anywayz, congratz for making through so many semesters, future pharmacist!

hp84 said...

to [silverisle]

Do you know Alan? hehe..
Thanks a lot.. hopefully i can be a fully registered pharmacist and serve the community

k2k said...

B1/04 rulez!!!
happy b'day B1/04... time flies... really.

hp84 said...

to [k2k]

hehe.. happy birthday to u too..
hope our friendship will remain even after we work..
good luck and have fun doing your research on NONI..