Tuesday, July 31, 2007

SLK rosak

SLK = Small Little Kancil
Again, my SLK show signs of aging. Last Sunday, there is weird sound whenever i make left turning. For the past few days, there is constant irritating sound when i drive at 20-40 km/h.

Today, I sent my car to a workshop in Sri Kembangan. The friendly mechanic told me that both my front wheel tie rod must be changed with the price of RM172, excluding alignment and labour charge. The picture below show you how a tie rod looks like.Then, I drove my car to Sri Petaling, and my car was diagnosed with another problem. This mechanic told me that my car tie rod is fine. I just need to change the ball bearing, which will cost me about RM120.

Later on, I drove to another workshop and this unfriendly mechanic said that there is problem with drivershaft head, which will cost me RM240.

How can 3 different mechanic give me 3 totally different 'diagnosis'? !!!##!#$!

A bad day for me..

Saturday, July 21, 2007

B One o Four

Today is B One o Four (B104) Birthday. B104 is actually the pharmacy batch that I'm in now.. I'm in my final year (more specific semester 7). This post is to see back what I've done for the past 6 semesters.


Join IMU as a noob, hair style also noob.. I appear in newspaper!! Sin Chew..
During the orientation, I have to act as Superman, Shin Chan, sexy girl, etc.. I really enjoy the orientation. This is also the first time I get into IMU football and futsal team. Quick to establish myself into the team. I really salute my captain, Eric.

Then, I donate 450cc of my blood. Still have this photo of Alan.. faint!! or perhaps sleeping.. HeHe..SEMESTER 2..

Shift to my new room at C-24-01 together with Alan, Ken, Zhi yang, Ben, and Chia Whey.


Welcoming our junior B105.. All in black and red.IMU cup.. fails to win anything..


Move in to C-05-01, till now I'm staying with Li Guo, Yen Wei, Poh Hon, and junior Keng Nam. Have fun time playing basketball and football in the living room with them.


IMU cup.. manage to get 3rd place for Futsal.Then, attended 2 weeks industry attachment at YSP..Also, attended 3-day course on Billings Ovulation Method (BOM) at Hotel Armada, PJ.SEMESTER 6..

3 weeks attachment at Hospital Kuala Lumpur, where I get to know better the world of pharmacist. During the holiday, I did my elective at Lims' Pharmacy, Kuantan.

Now I'm in Semester 7..
What do I expect from this semester?
Let me set the target:
  • To win both football and futsal in IMU cup
  • To get better result to bring up my CGPA
  • To move on with the big project with my SKFC friends..
I also get to make close friends during my 6 semesters in IMU. Below are pictures of me and my close friend in IMU.From left: Noob Poh Hon, Prince Zhi Yang, CD Li Guo, k2k Wai Kit, HP84, and HSL Yen Wei.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cute car

I've been quite busy recently, with my research project and also IMU cup training. There will be an oral proposal presentation this Friday, which contributes 70% of the Research Methodology module. I will just blog on some cute cars that has been forwarded by my friend. Enjoy the pictures..By the way, I plan to buy Sony Alpha-100, which is used by Chi Fei. Currently, I used my old 2MP digital camera to snap pictures. Some of the more beautiful picture is taken using Sony T-10. To all my visitor, please give me your opinion ok..

Q: Should I buy Sony Alpha-100 or not?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Semester 7 Research

I'm now in semester 7. Time passes so fast. This semester will be my research semester. My project title is 'PROTECTIVE ANTIOXIDANT EFFECT OF METHANOL EXTRACTS OF SEAWEEDS AGAINST OXIDANT-INDUCED CELL DEATH'.

Title sounds complicated rite..

I've started my research since last week, has been quite busy with proposal preparation, and also training for the coming IMU cup. I manage to take a few pictures of my lab with LG's K618i. Below is the main entrance to the research lab. Scary looking..Next is my bench.I'll be testing the antioxidant effect of 2 species of seaweeds; Caulerpa racemosa and Turbinaria conoides. Below is Caulerpa racemosa:Below is Turbinaria conoides:This will be a tough research, but I'm glad that I have a good supervisor, Dr. Lim, to guide me. I'll be going to Cape Rachado, Port Dickson on this Friday to do sampling. Got snorkeling trip to sample those seaweeds. Will take pictures and post here soon. Stay tune!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Au revoir Kuantan

Semester 6 holiday officially ends on 1st July 2007..

Let's see what I've done during this 6-week holiday:
(Click the link to go to the individual pages)
1. I undergo 1-month elective at Lims' Pharmacy, Kuantan.
2. I went to Triple Island Trip.
3. I futsal on every Sunday.
4. I swim and play tennis and table tennis too.
5. I went to see Green Turtle and Blue Sands.
6. I went to Club Med Cherating.
7. I went to Hai Peng Kopitiam, Kemaman.
8. I climbed Bukit Panorama, Sungai Lembing.
Sweet memories with my friends in Kuantan. I hope to go back Kuantan soon..

Now, I'm back in Bukit Jalil. This year I have to win IMU cup for both football and futsal. 1 more year to go before I get my degree to sell drugs. Let's hope everything goes well and I can graduate as a pharmacist.