Saturday, June 23, 2007

Turtle Sanctuary, Chendor

Ed and Cl friends from all over Malaysia came to Kuantan. I was happy to be part of their tour around Kuantan. So, on 20th June nite, we went to the Turtle Sanctuary at Chendor. The journey from Kuantan to Chendor (under Cherating) is about 45 minutes. We were unlucky not to get to see turtle that night. The next day, which is 21st June nite, we went there again at about 9PM. We reached there and a short video of turtle is shown.

Next, we were told that there will be releasing of baby turtle tonight. Everyone was excited with the news. The ranger there brought in hundreds of baby Green Turtle. So cute..Everyone get to hold the cute turtle..
From left: William (Kampar), Ed, Sing Lan (Kulai), Ky, Ah Po, Cl, and Hui Ting (Bentong).Baby turtles are actually quite smart. They like to pretend dead, so that they can escape from your gasp. The turtle that I get are all active. That's me and my super active Green turtle.Mine and ky's turtle kissing..The most interesting part is each of us get to release a baby turtle into the sea. We get to see turtle-racing. My green turtlle finished 2nd place. Do you know that out of all the turtle being released, only 10% will survive in the deeep ocean.After watching baby turtle, we waited for another 2 hours before getting the chance to see Green Turtle come ashore to hatch another 100+ eggs. The green turtle that I get to see is as big as 29 inch Television and is about 30 years old. Turtle's eye are very sensitive to light, therefore no flash is allowed there. The picture below is the best I can take using Sony DSC-T10.On the same night, we also get to see 'Blue Sands'. This is my first time seeing blue sands. Blue sands are actually a type of sand that will glow when there is no moon. According to ky, there is a type of microorganism that inhabit on the sand. Picture taken using the highest ISO 1000.
Next we take one of the blue sand back to the camp site, and this picture is taken using Magnifying Glass mode of Sony T10.Lastly, before we head back to Kuantan, we took a group photo with the ranger there. They are quite friendly and help in conservation of turtle.
Don't do this action!! Don't eat turtle!! Let's protect turtle from extinction..


reeniad said...

wow! gettin to see turtles hatching is so rare..n gettin to release them is even luckier!
shud hv hp as kuantan tour guide nxt time.get the schedules ready! k

JustAnotherTragedy said...

Omg!!!! Thats like so fun!!!

yee yin said...

yaya. totally agree. Is very rare to see turtles hatching.
hp, the turtle only come on shore once a year right??? next year I wan to come!!!

hp84 said...

to [reeniad] & [yeeyin]
Turtle hatching period is from April till August. Peak will be around May and June. Now we only can get to see Green Turtle. The famous Leatherback Turtle is facing extinction and hard to see nowadays.

You guys are most welcome to Kuantan..

to [JustAnotherTragedy]
Yea, it is really fun. Do come to Kuantan, particularly Cherating Beach and you'll love it!!

eelin said...

u so lucky! my friends n i tried to see turtle hatch eggs in lang tengah...we camped at the turtle bay from 12 am till 4.30am and saw no turtle!!! not only that, we ended up feeding mosquitoes instead!! time i follow u!! =)

hp84 said...

to [eelin]

I went there 3 times. Yea, it depends on your luck too.

You are most welcome to Kuantan. Moral of the story is to wear long pants or bring mosquito repellant. HeHe..

JustAnotherTragedy said...

How nice. I wanna go there one day. Ive only been to west msia a few times only :(

hp84 said...

to [justanothertragedy]

If you happen to come to Kuantan, do let me know. I'm more than willing to lead you around.

ed said...

hp tipu ppl...he kedekut petrol wan...where will bring ppl around ktn leh...
hahaha...all joking oni...hp is a very nice guy...if not bcoz of him we couldnt go on tat trip...thousand of kisses for skfc2o...

hp84 said...

to [ed]

no problem my fren..
i also want to go see the turtle, never seen before..
i reject your thousand kisses, cl will be jealous for sure. HaHa..

Jom main bola!!

calin said...

Dear blogger,

It's great that you all got the chance to see adult turtle lay eggs and also to release the hatchlings. I would like to know the name of the turtle sanctuary and where it located. Now i'm doing study on turtle conservation project. Thanks. Waiting for your prompt reply. Cheers, Eileen

hp84 said...

to [calin]
The turtle sanctuary is in Pantai Chendor. If you from Kuantan and heading to Kuala Terengganu, look for sign board of Pantai Cherating (If i'm not mistaken, Pantai Chendor is next to Pantai Cherating). Once you're there, you may ask people around there, because you may miss the sign board to enter the place.