Thursday, May 31, 2007

Triple Island Trip - Day 2 Snorkeling

Continue from the previous post, there will be more pictures at Marine Park and Lang Tengah Island. At Marine Park, Redang, we get to see large eel and fish with sharp mouth. Picture below shows a school of fish.Next, we head to Lang Tengah Island. This is the place for those who want to take scuba diving package. Below: Reaching Lang Tengah beach..Group photo taken at Redang Lang Island Resort..See the beautiful beach of Lang Tengah..Snorkelling picture. See the fishes in front of us..During this 2 days snorkelling trip, we were combined with another group of 3 couples. Group picture before leaving Lang Tengah Island.Lastly, this picture is dedicated to CH, showing his pose as Laksamana CHENG HOng. HaHa..
That nite, we had returned to Fauna Resort and played beach volleyball and beach soccer. We had buffet BBQ dinner, which is not bad to me. At night, we played UNO intercept rule. This time, 6 of us played.

The next day, before we left the Perhentian Island, we took a group photo. Can you see the guy in yellow Brazil jersey. He's Jack (Ed's friend), also an agent for Flora&Fauna Resort. Without him, our Triple Island Trip will not be as smooth as it is. I would like to thank him.I still have some picture taken while snorkeling using disposable camera. I need to scan those picture first before posting here.

I miss this trip so much. Now I’m thinking back of the previous trip that we’ve been to together, including Malacca Trip, Pangkor Trip, Genting Trip, etc.. Next destination, East Malaysia!!


yee yin said...

Nice pic!!!
By the way, U really should visit sabah and sarawak!!! especially SARAWAK!!! VERY NICE!!!

hp84 said...

yee yin:
thanks for visiting my blog.
I've seen from your blog. It makes me want to go Sarawak soon. HeHe.. Don't worry, i will go there someday.
Happy Holiday!!

KBFC said...

ahaha, where is laksamana HP and laksamana ED? lawaknya laksamana CH..ahahaha

hp84 said...

laksamana HP and ED doesnt exist lar.. go and read your history book.
anyway, thanks for visiting my blog.
in rewards, i will give you some futsal tips..

Anonymous said...

whoah...beautiful pictures..
couple trip aye?
next time when i see you, must ask about the detail so my trip there will be smooth as well..


hp84 said...

thanks for visiting my blog.
sure, can ask me more about triple island trip. will tell u the do's and dont's

do visit my blog often ok..

happy holiday!

WP said...

Heya...nice to see you all! It's been a long time since I've had any news...looks like you all had a great time there!

hp84 said...

[wp] yea, we had a great time there. by the way, when will you graduate?

Tan said...

Hi, do you mind send me the contact of the agency Mr.Ong. I had lost his name card.