Saturday, June 23, 2007

Kuantan Claypot Chicken Rice

I don't know since when I got this 3 interest; Food, Travel, and Photography.

Since I get to know ky, I've been traveling with her to various places in Malaysia. No to forget our travel buddies; ch, py, ed, cl.

On my previous post on Alan in Kuantan, I brought him to various places in Kuantan. I also brought him to the best Kuantan Claypot Chicken Rice. This claypot chicken rice was originally situated at Jalan Mahkota near the state mosque. Now it is located near Stadium Darul Makmur. The map below roughly show you the location (click it for larger resolution image):This stall is certified as HP84 Ho jiak clay Pot chicken rice.Got one uncle there who will personally serve you the claypot chicken rice. He will stir the rice exclusively for you. For marmite lovers, you will definitely like this meal. The claypot chicken rice sauce has marmite in it.Kuantan is famous for its salted fish. The salted fish of this stall is very very nice. The picture is will persuade you to try this famous claypot chicken rice in Kuantan.


WP said...

Yeah, I'm persuaded! :P I don't think I've tried it before...I suppose it's in a food court? What's the name?

Stop putting so many words in blue...I keep thinking they're links! lol

hp84 said...

to [wp]
Yea, it is a small food court. Kuantan people used to call the area as 'hundred stalls'. Heard of that?

Ok ok, sorry for confusing you. I'll change the colour for keywords. Maybe I shall put orange. Any suggestion?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Nice pic! Yummy food! Now I have to raid the kitchen to quite my rumbling stomach!BTW tq for dropping by, hope that some of my 'educational' post don't 'dirty' ur clean mind. Have a nice day.

hp84 said...

to [Hor ny Ang Moh]

Thanks to u for dropping by my blog too.

The post in your blog is really thought-provoking. I can put it under my blog Label as THOUGHT.

Have a nice day too..

kkxin said...

i dunwan!!!!!!!!!!
the stall no longer there!!!!!
i dun care!!!!!
hp,help me find it out!!!!
if not wat am i goin to eat when go bek 2 ktn???

hp84 said...

to [kkxin]

dun cry ok saudari..
i will try to find and will let you know as soon as i find out the stall new location..
ktn still got katong curry fish, karipap near my house, hoi yin mee, etc..