Sunday, June 10, 2007

H5M Contest + Adsense

I still have 1 more week left for my elective at Lims' Pharmacy, Kuantan. Life has been quite a routine for the past 3 weeks. Wake up at 810AM everyday, goes to work at 910. Work till 630Pm. Very tiring indeed.

The star is currently having a contest in conjunction with Malaysia 50th anniversary. It is known as Happy 50 Malaysia Contest. Winning the contest is like MUFC signing me as their left wing. I'll still want to try my luck since my house do subscribe to The Star everyday.

For week 3, I submitted 8 forms. For week 4, I managed to collect 23 forms, thanks to Edward, Shal Ling, and Quek. Below is a picture showing 'HP' using all 23 forms that I have. I promised to share 1% of my winning money with Ed and SL. Let's hope I can win.. JiaYou HP84!!Few days ago, I received another cheque from Adsense. This time I will show the amount that I earn ~ USD193.73 (Which is about RM671.95 based on rates at 2007/06/11 13:52) Hurray!!I also have NuffNang advertisement now. See on my top left of my blog.


hp84 said...

I sent in 44 forms for Week 5. Let's hope I can be one of the winner.

hp84 said...

I sent in 50 forms for Week 6 and 22 forms for Week 7.