Monday, June 18, 2007

Form 6 Memories

As I browsed back my old pictures, I get to see pictures of my Form 6 classmates. Back then, I was in Lower 6 Science 3 (L6Sc3), but then was transfered to Science 5 (the reason is still unknown till today). I was separated from ky.. Below are pictures of me as a prefect. I was Ketua Zon 4, which is one of the most happening places for student to skip school. Group pictures, try to spot me.. HeHe..Next is picture of me and Ketua Pengawas.Lastly, picture of me and Pui Wei. He's now studying in UKM, and I get to see him once in a while. Our favourite meeting spot together with Quek and Edward is Da Chong at Kajang.Next is pictures of my classmates. There are a few hidden pretty girls in my class. Click the picture below for a bigger size photo.Guys in my class. The indian guy in the middle is Siva @ Assman. He is currently studying medicine in Russia. A guy with a big heart to be a successful doctor. LCC (standing most right) is also GAYing with Siva in Russia. Tze Chien (standing 4th from right) is a future vet. Then, the hamsap Eng Chuan (standing 2nd from right) will be a future dentist. Ting Wei (squat 3rd from right), as I know, is currently in Singapore working. I got no news for the other 2 guys.The 3 guys who sit together with me. In the class.. tuition.. St. John..Lastly, I like this picture a lot. Mr handsome Kok Yau made a special appearance in this picture.Wish you guys good luck in your future, and remember to invite me for your wedding dinner okie.


Serena said...

Sweet memories huh?
I miss my form 6 life too, haha...

hp84 said...

Yea.. form 6 has definitely change my perception of life. I get to know friends who are caring and helpful.