Saturday, June 16, 2007

Elective at Lims' Pharmacy

Today is my last day for my elective at Lims' Pharmacy, Kuantan. This 1-month training really give me a deep insight of a community pharmacy. For your information, Lims' Pharmacy is one of the pioneer pharmacy in Kuantan. Therefore, I'm glad to be given the golden opportunity to gain experience here. I work at Lims' Pharmacy twice during my previous holidays.

Picture of the shop.. which is located at the busy Lorong Tun Ismail.
This is taken from the entrance of the shop.This is taken from near the Prescription counter.A shelf full of condoms.. Not many people buy condom here. I wonder why..Viagra (sildenafil) 100mg and 50mg. People here like to call it as Vi-Kor. HeHe..Cialis (tadalafil) 20mg. Sorry no picture for Levitra (vardenafil). Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are the 3 approved drugs in the market for men with erectile dysfuntion (ED). Don't wish to take this when I get old. See the price tag of RM200+ just for 4 tablets!!
Group photos. Spot me..Picture taken with my boss wife (Mrs. Lim). She's a very kind person and create a good and lively working environment for all workers.Lastly, picture taken with my boss + pharmacist + supervisor (Mr. Lim). I think my knowledge is just 20% of his. Still long way for me to learn. Anyway, he likes to use metaphor to make me understand better. He's indeed one of the most successful pharmacist I've ever known.
I've got Ang Pau from Mrs. Lim, a Converse pouch, and lots of pharmaceutical pens.During Lims' Pharmacy annual dinner on 19th May 2007, I got a BiO-LiFE hamper (worth few hundred ringgit) during the lucky draw session. Till now, I still haven't open the hamper.Next is the post of Lims' Pharmacy dinner at Sherwood, Kuantan..


Pepperpourri said...

You did your elective at a community pharmacy? Wow. Heh, looks like fun.

hp84 said...

to [pepperpourri]
Yea, i did my elective at my hometown. I gained a lot of experience and knowledge that is beyond our book's knowledge.

You will definitely get a chance to do elective during your sem6 holiday.

Some of my friends gone for holiday, some do yoga, some do bodybuilding, etc..

The choice is up to you..

Pepperpourri said...

Wow, tough choice I would say, if we pick something other than pharmacy. I really don't know what else to think of other than that.

Will refer to you seniors for advice then. Hehe.

Hah...just yesterday I saw a prescription at a hospital, where a woman is actually taking Viagra for HTN!

hp84 said...

to [pepperpourri]
Don't worry about elective for this moment. Just choose something that you like to do and i'm sure you will enjoy it.

Viagra was originally designed for treatment for HTN, but somehow, it is proven to be more effective for treatment of erectile dysfuntioon (ED).

That's the first time I heard Viagra been used in practice for HTN. Thanks for sharing with me.