Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dinner at Sherwood

Today I had dinner with my colleagues from Lims' Pharmacy at Sherwood, Kuantan. Sherwood is a cosy Swiss Cuisine restaurant. The environment is very nice and romantic. It is located next to Pantai Selamat shopping centre.Pictures taken around the restaurant. I don't use flash for all the pictures to maintain the lighting environment of the restaurant.Menu.. They charge RM3.50 for extra sauce!!That's my food ~ Spaghetti Carbonara (Fresh Mushroom & Cream). The serving is definitely for 2 person. I also ate mushroom pizza. Pity my stomach..Picture of Mr and Mrs Lim. They wore couple black T-shirt. So romantic..Lastly, group photos, including Mr. Chee's daughter and son. Spot me!Thanks a lot to Mr and Mrs Lim for bringing us to such a cosy restaurant.


Pepperpourri said...

Should take more pics of the food! Haha. The spaghetti looks so nice.

hp84 said...

to [pepperpourri]
The place is quite dark..
I another picture of the pizza there, but don't plan to post it here, coz it is quite dark.

Yea, the carbonara spaghetti is good, but cant fight William's Carbonara.

yieng said...

hey..was wondering how come u dined with mr chee and his bro in law wan?

hp84 said...

to [yieng]
Coz i work in his bro in law's pharmacy during my holiday. So, they treat me for a dinner at Sherwood. :)