Thursday, June 28, 2007

Club Med, Cherating

Have you heard of Club Med before? For your information, Club Med is one of the hotel that provides exclusivity to you. The membership fee is not cheap. Club Med is actually famous because of nude ang moh. However, you can't find any naked ang moh here due to certain reason..

Anyway, last Friday, I sneaked into Club Med Cherating. This is my second time here, after my first visit with Alan. The main signboard, the security here is damn tight.
The brownish sandy beach is a good spot for turtle hatching.

This is one of the best place to see sunrise. Sun rising from the horizon. Too bad there is no sunrise on the day that we went. Imagine yourself sitting alone there enjoying the fresh morning air.The whole place is very empty. You will feel very 'exclusive' here, as mentioned by Alan.
All the buildings here are elevated and wooden-based.Even the swimming pool is also elevated.
Group photo at the entrance to the hotel.HP84 been to Club Med!!


kkxin said...

jian de!!!not fair!!!
i went there n-th times n they dun let me in!!!
i wanna go in..coz it is soooo beautiful leh...
next time haf 2 sneak in d..
dun care la...

hp84 said...

to [kkxin]

saudari.. pity u go the n-th times also cant go in..
next time, go again ok? ask tips from me or ur sis on how to sneak in..