Monday, June 11, 2007

Alan in Kuantan!

One simple post dedicated to Alan for his presence in Kuantan.
Look what happen to me when Alan is in Kuantan. HeHe..Alan the Sleeping King..By the way, for those who don't Alan, do visit his blog at He is my coursemate from Alor Star, Kedah. He is the famous sleeping king of B104. For more pictures of his visit to Kuantan, please visit his blog.


Anonymous said...

He sleeps with his specs on...

hp84 said...

Anonymous: You got me!!
We were actually at the Turtle Sanctuary at Chendor Beach.

Got nothing to do while waiting for turtle to come. So, take pictures of each other..

heipy said...

Alan.......... see ur picture here ..
Wonder y this "nice" photo not showing in his blog lo..... :)

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