Friday, June 29, 2007

Hai Peng Kopitiam, Kemaman

Hai Peng Kopitiam
3753, Jalan Sulaimani Chukai, 24000, Kemaman, Terengganu
Tel: 09-8597810
HP: 019-9150923Kemaman is about 1 hour from Kuantan. If I'm not mistaken, they have a few branches in Kuantan with the name of 'Kemaman Kopitiam', which is opened by their family members.

This is a multiracial kopitiam. People of all races come here for healthy breakfast.Latte ordered by William.My favourite Nasi Dagang. I realized that some pure KL people don't even know what is Nasi Dagang. Basically, Nasi Dagang is the 'Nasi Lemak' for people in east coast of Peninsular. The rice has been added with coconut milk, and is served with tuna fish curry.
Toast kaya bun.Toast kaya butter bread.I also ordered 2 biji half-boiled eggs.

As I type this post, I was thinking maybe someday I can open my own franchise someday. HP84 Kopitiam. How does that sound? HaHa..

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Club Med, Cherating

Have you heard of Club Med before? For your information, Club Med is one of the hotel that provides exclusivity to you. The membership fee is not cheap. Club Med is actually famous because of nude ang moh. However, you can't find any naked ang moh here due to certain reason..

Anyway, last Friday, I sneaked into Club Med Cherating. This is my second time here, after my first visit with Alan. The main signboard, the security here is damn tight.
The brownish sandy beach is a good spot for turtle hatching.

This is one of the best place to see sunrise. Sun rising from the horizon. Too bad there is no sunrise on the day that we went. Imagine yourself sitting alone there enjoying the fresh morning air.The whole place is very empty. You will feel very 'exclusive' here, as mentioned by Alan.
All the buildings here are elevated and wooden-based.Even the swimming pool is also elevated.
Group photo at the entrance to the hotel.HP84 been to Club Med!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Turtle Sanctuary, Chendor

Ed and Cl friends from all over Malaysia came to Kuantan. I was happy to be part of their tour around Kuantan. So, on 20th June nite, we went to the Turtle Sanctuary at Chendor. The journey from Kuantan to Chendor (under Cherating) is about 45 minutes. We were unlucky not to get to see turtle that night. The next day, which is 21st June nite, we went there again at about 9PM. We reached there and a short video of turtle is shown.

Next, we were told that there will be releasing of baby turtle tonight. Everyone was excited with the news. The ranger there brought in hundreds of baby Green Turtle. So cute..Everyone get to hold the cute turtle..
From left: William (Kampar), Ed, Sing Lan (Kulai), Ky, Ah Po, Cl, and Hui Ting (Bentong).Baby turtles are actually quite smart. They like to pretend dead, so that they can escape from your gasp. The turtle that I get are all active. That's me and my super active Green turtle.Mine and ky's turtle kissing..The most interesting part is each of us get to release a baby turtle into the sea. We get to see turtle-racing. My green turtlle finished 2nd place. Do you know that out of all the turtle being released, only 10% will survive in the deeep ocean.After watching baby turtle, we waited for another 2 hours before getting the chance to see Green Turtle come ashore to hatch another 100+ eggs. The green turtle that I get to see is as big as 29 inch Television and is about 30 years old. Turtle's eye are very sensitive to light, therefore no flash is allowed there. The picture below is the best I can take using Sony DSC-T10.On the same night, we also get to see 'Blue Sands'. This is my first time seeing blue sands. Blue sands are actually a type of sand that will glow when there is no moon. According to ky, there is a type of microorganism that inhabit on the sand. Picture taken using the highest ISO 1000.
Next we take one of the blue sand back to the camp site, and this picture is taken using Magnifying Glass mode of Sony T10.Lastly, before we head back to Kuantan, we took a group photo with the ranger there. They are quite friendly and help in conservation of turtle.
Don't do this action!! Don't eat turtle!! Let's protect turtle from extinction..

Kuantan Claypot Chicken Rice

I don't know since when I got this 3 interest; Food, Travel, and Photography.

Since I get to know ky, I've been traveling with her to various places in Malaysia. No to forget our travel buddies; ch, py, ed, cl.

On my previous post on Alan in Kuantan, I brought him to various places in Kuantan. I also brought him to the best Kuantan Claypot Chicken Rice. This claypot chicken rice was originally situated at Jalan Mahkota near the state mosque. Now it is located near Stadium Darul Makmur. The map below roughly show you the location (click it for larger resolution image):This stall is certified as HP84 Ho jiak clay Pot chicken rice.Got one uncle there who will personally serve you the claypot chicken rice. He will stir the rice exclusively for you. For marmite lovers, you will definitely like this meal. The claypot chicken rice sauce has marmite in it.Kuantan is famous for its salted fish. The salted fish of this stall is very very nice. The picture is will persuade you to try this famous claypot chicken rice in Kuantan.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Form 6 Memories

As I browsed back my old pictures, I get to see pictures of my Form 6 classmates. Back then, I was in Lower 6 Science 3 (L6Sc3), but then was transfered to Science 5 (the reason is still unknown till today). I was separated from ky.. Below are pictures of me as a prefect. I was Ketua Zon 4, which is one of the most happening places for student to skip school. Group pictures, try to spot me.. HeHe..Next is picture of me and Ketua Pengawas.Lastly, picture of me and Pui Wei. He's now studying in UKM, and I get to see him once in a while. Our favourite meeting spot together with Quek and Edward is Da Chong at Kajang.Next is pictures of my classmates. There are a few hidden pretty girls in my class. Click the picture below for a bigger size photo.Guys in my class. The indian guy in the middle is Siva @ Assman. He is currently studying medicine in Russia. A guy with a big heart to be a successful doctor. LCC (standing most right) is also GAYing with Siva in Russia. Tze Chien (standing 4th from right) is a future vet. Then, the hamsap Eng Chuan (standing 2nd from right) will be a future dentist. Ting Wei (squat 3rd from right), as I know, is currently in Singapore working. I got no news for the other 2 guys.The 3 guys who sit together with me. In the class.. tuition.. St. John..Lastly, I like this picture a lot. Mr handsome Kok Yau made a special appearance in this picture.Wish you guys good luck in your future, and remember to invite me for your wedding dinner okie.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dinner at Sherwood

Today I had dinner with my colleagues from Lims' Pharmacy at Sherwood, Kuantan. Sherwood is a cosy Swiss Cuisine restaurant. The environment is very nice and romantic. It is located next to Pantai Selamat shopping centre.Pictures taken around the restaurant. I don't use flash for all the pictures to maintain the lighting environment of the restaurant.Menu.. They charge RM3.50 for extra sauce!!That's my food ~ Spaghetti Carbonara (Fresh Mushroom & Cream). The serving is definitely for 2 person. I also ate mushroom pizza. Pity my stomach..Picture of Mr and Mrs Lim. They wore couple black T-shirt. So romantic..Lastly, group photos, including Mr. Chee's daughter and son. Spot me!Thanks a lot to Mr and Mrs Lim for bringing us to such a cosy restaurant.

Elective at Lims' Pharmacy

Today is my last day for my elective at Lims' Pharmacy, Kuantan. This 1-month training really give me a deep insight of a community pharmacy. For your information, Lims' Pharmacy is one of the pioneer pharmacy in Kuantan. Therefore, I'm glad to be given the golden opportunity to gain experience here. I work at Lims' Pharmacy twice during my previous holidays.

Picture of the shop.. which is located at the busy Lorong Tun Ismail.
This is taken from the entrance of the shop.This is taken from near the Prescription counter.A shelf full of condoms.. Not many people buy condom here. I wonder why..Viagra (sildenafil) 100mg and 50mg. People here like to call it as Vi-Kor. HeHe..Cialis (tadalafil) 20mg. Sorry no picture for Levitra (vardenafil). Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are the 3 approved drugs in the market for men with erectile dysfuntion (ED). Don't wish to take this when I get old. See the price tag of RM200+ just for 4 tablets!!
Group photos. Spot me..Picture taken with my boss wife (Mrs. Lim). She's a very kind person and create a good and lively working environment for all workers.Lastly, picture taken with my boss + pharmacist + supervisor (Mr. Lim). I think my knowledge is just 20% of his. Still long way for me to learn. Anyway, he likes to use metaphor to make me understand better. He's indeed one of the most successful pharmacist I've ever known.
I've got Ang Pau from Mrs. Lim, a Converse pouch, and lots of pharmaceutical pens.During Lims' Pharmacy annual dinner on 19th May 2007, I got a BiO-LiFE hamper (worth few hundred ringgit) during the lucky draw session. Till now, I still haven't open the hamper.Next is the post of Lims' Pharmacy dinner at Sherwood, Kuantan..