Thursday, May 31, 2007

Triple Island Trip - Day 2

The next morning, we were awake as early as 7AM. We had our healthy breakfast, prepared by the resort staff. Then, we are all ready for our 1-day snorkelling trip to Redang Island and Lang Tengah Island.

The journey to Redang from Perhentian is about 1 hour by speed boat. We reached Laguna Beach, Redang at about 930AM, and was given 1 hour to visit the beach and resort. Redang Laguna Resort is really nice, with its 4-star rating, is comparable to Hyatt Kuantan. Below is picture taken around Redang Laguna Beach Resort.Couple pictures..Then, not far away is the famous More More Tea Inn.This picture is taken in the souvenir shop at More More Tea Inn. Richie Ren and Sammi Cheng have been here too for their movie.. Summer Holiday~Again, couple pictures.. Below is Ed&Cl..Ch&Py..Hp&Ky.. I like this picture a lot..Look at the nice swimming pool with a small Jacuzzi and mini water playground.Some photo editing. Note: The words in the photo may or may not be the same with the words spoken during the time of photo taken.More updates Triple Island Trip – Day 2 Snorkeling soon


hp84 said...

I miss Triple Island Trip..

fps_Jay10 said...

Great pictures, and funny as well.

Sounds fun, couldn't wait to go with my friends.. :D

hp84 said...

fps_jay10: thanks for visiting my blog. I'll include link to your blog soon. Go Pulau Kapas, I heard this island is very nice.
Stay at Redang Laguna if you have the money..

jivanti said...

I miss the Redang trip la..It's nice looking at all the pictures. I wish I could go to. =(