Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Triple Island Trip - Day 1

After 5 hours bus journey, we reached Jerteh. From there, we waited for a Kia Pregio van to bring us to Kuala Besut Jetty. We had healthy breakfast as we reached there early. Then, we explored the playground nearby the jetty.Next, we were introduced to Mr. Ong, who is a nice person. We took the earliest speedboat at 7AM to Pulau Perhentian, which took approximately 30 minutes.Next, we checked in at Fauna Resort. The room is simple yet spacious. The only drawback is there are lots of ants. Therefore, we changed to a better room.Next we had 3 hours of free&easy. We walked around, visited the souveniour shop, and rest under the tree.After the simple lunch, we went to BUBU Long Beach for our snorkeling lesson. Thanks to our funny tour guide, Pok Din, we managed to learn basic snorkeling skill in less than 30 mins.First, we went to Three Spaces, where we get to see big 'hoi sam' and 'siham'.Next, we head to Nemo Garden. We get to see usual cute Nemo, Tomato Nemo, black&white nemo. Too bad for me, as I didnt manage to observe a single nemo. I only manage to see their nest. Also, we get to observe colourful underwater christmas tree.

The third snorkeling point is at Turtle Bay. This place is quite distant from land, and quite scary. However, the fun of observing a giant turtle overcomes the fear of sea.

The last snorkeling point is at Shark Bay. Our objective is to observe real living SHARK!! After snorkeling for like 30 minutes, we didnt get to see the shark. Too bad..

Lastly, before we head back to our resort, we move on to 'Hot' Spring. HeHe.. This Hot Spring is actually natural cold water flowing right from the top of the peak of Perhentian Besar Island. The water is crystal clear, and is believed to have healing properties. There is a hidden secret of this 'Hot' Spring water, and i wont share it here. HeHe..Then, we head back to our resort at about 6pm. We had some fun at the beach, which is not as nice as BUBU long beach. However, we had some fun there. Below is the picture of 3 SKFC members.At night, me, ky, ed, and cl played UNO intercept rule. Ch and Py slept quite early. We also walked by the beachside at night. It is really romantic walking along the quiet beach, observing thousands of stars above our head, with the half-full moon shining bright.

More updates for Triple Island Trip – Day 2 soon..


Anonymous said...

That is not hot spring.. LOL.. Tipu one.. Mr.Ong is funny.. hahaha

Anonymous said...

BTW, you know Along?

hp84 said...

to [xiaopei]

The 'hot' spring is very fun. I'm sure you will enjoy the 'hot'ness of the fresh natural water. HeHe..

Mr Ong is the guy who lead you to the speedboat rite? He's very helpful and funny too.

For the whole trip, I followed Pok Din, I think I heard of the name 'Along' there.. But i can't recall his face..

Anonymous said...

Yea.. The 'hot' spring is real fun.. Hahaha.. We all splash the water onto friend. Hahaha

Along is real funny guy..
Yes, Mr. Ong is the one who lead us.
I didn't know our the driver of the boat name..

hp84 said...

to [xiaopei]
The 'hot' water really help to clean and remove salt from the seawater..

I still can't recall Along, maybe you can show me picture of him?

Anonymous said...

I got his picture ^^


hp84 said...

to [xiaopei]

Yea i check out the picture dy.
I met along while having my buffet lunch on the first day. He's very talkative. So nice you got him as your tour guide..