Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sri Kembangan Chicken Rice

On my way back to Bukit Jalil from Kajang, KY and I went to the famous chicken rice stall at Sri Kembangan. This is the second time we're here. The stall is located at a wooden house near a small bus stop along the busy Sri Kembangan road. The previous time I came here, the stall only occupied the car park area. Now, after 3 months, they have expanded their business area. It is much cleaner now.The chicken rice will be sold off by 130pm everyday. The price is reasonably cheap. We ordered steamed white chicken for 2 person, 3 bowl of rices (the rice is nice.. I ate 2 bowls), and 2 drinks. It costs us only RM10.40!
The chicken is very nice and the texture is smooth. That's not the only attracting point, the owner are very friendly too. It is served with special sauce (chillies+ginger). Do ask me if you're interested to go to this chicken rice stall.

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