Friday, May 04, 2007

SKFC memories

Seri Kubang Football Club (SKFC)...

This is actually where I first begin to play 'team' football. SKFC was formed in early 1998, I was then in Secondary 2. We even have a website specially designed for our football team at Do visit our website, it is a very nicely design website (although it has been abandoned for quite some time). Below is a picture taken during Secondary 5, after our glorious 9-0 win against our school team.This is the place I get to know my good friends. Almost every other evening, we will be spending time playing football. After football session, sometimes there will be 'yamcha' session. Together we win played as a team to win almost every team that we play against. Those are the good old days.Now, most of them are working. Everyone got their own commitment. Although we do meet to play futsal once in a blue moon, we still have the communication and team work. I really do hope we can meet up to play futsal more often.

SKFC forever!!


lousiest keeper in skfc said...

hehe..i am coming back this weekend..let's play again!!!

hp84 said...

to [lousiest keeper in skfc]

May I know who are you? As far as i know, there is no lousy keeper in skfc. HeHe..

If i'm not mistaken, you must be derek. Let's go for our usual yam cha session. HeHe..

Happy Holiday to you!!

yieng said...

those were the days...LOL

hp84 said...

to [yieng]
Yea, i miss those SKFC memories.
I want to play football more often..