Thursday, May 10, 2007

Malacca Trip 9&10 May 2007

This is the 3rd time i visit Malacca, but with different group of friends. This trip is to celebrate the beginning of our semester 6 holiday. This trip is more like 'makan-makan' trip. Participants are Li Guo, Poh Hon, Yen Wei, Zhi Yang, and myself. Wai Kit did not join us.

Our trip has been delayed for few hours, but we managed to reach Malacca at 4pm. Poh Hon drove his SLK (Small Little Kelisa). We stayed at Emperor Hotel, which i believed is the tallest building in Malacca. From the hotel, I managed to take this panorama picture of Malacca Town.
For the first night, we went to the famous Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup. No comment for this place, as I've been here a few times before. Below is the picture taken while having satay celup.Next, Pey Ying and Lai Yee (both from Malacca) joined us and they brought us around Malacca. We went to the famous Fruit Stall. The fruit there is fresh and sweet. According to PY, the owner now is driving BMW. Selling fruits and drive BMW!! Below is the picture of the simple fruit stall.
Then, we went to a small lorong to test the seafood there (lala, cuttle fish, etc..). Unfortunately, we had been to the wrong stall. The food is just normal. Below is the group picture (from left: Lai Yee, Poh Hon, Pey Ying, Li Guo, Zhi Yang, and me).On the next morning, we had breakfast at a 'Man Ting Siang' Dim Sum, as recommended by PY. The dim sum here is just average, but it is much cheaper compared to KL's dim sum.Next, we went to Jonker Street to try Malacca Nyonya Cendol at Jonker Dessert. This place is highly recommended by PH. I just ordered normal cendol, but the Durian cendol taste very nice. They use gula Melaka instead of normal sweetener. However, i prefer the nyonya cendol at another stall.
We had our lunch at Nyonya stall. Siam Mee is very nice. I prefer the cendol at this stall. I met Pik Chai and his gang at this stall. HeHe.. Before heading back to KL, we went to Dataran Pahlawan and to a Independence Musuem (this is the first time I visit this musuem). Below are some pictures taken at the musuem.


eelin said...

what???????????????sell fruits can drive BMW????????????????????????????then why we study so hard for what????????????????????????????? ;P

would love to go malacca one day =)

hp84 said...

yea.. people actually shops for fruits!!

anyway, 1 more year to go. who knows 1 day you'll be billionaire..

happy holiday!!

koden said...

There are a variety of fruits available there.