Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fantasy Soccer 2006/07

For the season of 2006/2007, i joined both Fantasy Premier League and Yahoo! Premiership Fantasy Football Game. I've been playing this game since secondary school.

This season, I joined IMU BPharm league, and I finished first place with total points of 1827. L2g and MUFC Kingdom is far behind me. No challenges this season (Yawn). HeHe..Below is the picture of the team I have for the final match of the season. Ronaldo and Lampard has been my main contributor. I put Rooney as captain, as this will enable double points.
As for Yahoo! Premiership, I joined 2 leagues. The first league is created by Li Guo for my housemate. I finished as first place in this league. Again, no challenges for this league. HeHe..
The second league that I join, I only manage to get 5th place out of 15 teams. The challenges are even stronger in this league. I joined from Week 2 of the league. The best position I obtained was 3rd place. Choo Uei's team (POO) became strong towards the end of the season. Cheng Hong's team (doni) is behind my team. HeHe..Next season, I will try my best to finish first place. Hope to get more participants for the next season league.


eelin said...

hehe....hp, too much par pai ;P but kudos!

hp84 said...

hey eelin, thanks for droping by my blog.
i not par pai.. it is not easy to finish first place after playing the game for about 1 year..
happy holiday!!

EX-CYKI champ said... time give me the link..nobody play cyki dy... u all play yahoo..i wanna join also..5 years no play yahoo...forward me the link to me n my bro la...we join next season

hp84 said...

to [EX-CYKI champ]

Sure I will give you the link next time. I will play both CYKI and yahoo next season.

It has been a long time since you last played yahoo, so I don't think you can challenge us. HeHe..

Cherie said...

Great work.