Thursday, May 31, 2007

Triple Island Trip - Day 2 Snorkeling

Continue from the previous post, there will be more pictures at Marine Park and Lang Tengah Island. At Marine Park, Redang, we get to see large eel and fish with sharp mouth. Picture below shows a school of fish.Next, we head to Lang Tengah Island. This is the place for those who want to take scuba diving package. Below: Reaching Lang Tengah beach..Group photo taken at Redang Lang Island Resort..See the beautiful beach of Lang Tengah..Snorkelling picture. See the fishes in front of us..During this 2 days snorkelling trip, we were combined with another group of 3 couples. Group picture before leaving Lang Tengah Island.Lastly, this picture is dedicated to CH, showing his pose as Laksamana CHENG HOng. HaHa..
That nite, we had returned to Fauna Resort and played beach volleyball and beach soccer. We had buffet BBQ dinner, which is not bad to me. At night, we played UNO intercept rule. This time, 6 of us played.

The next day, before we left the Perhentian Island, we took a group photo. Can you see the guy in yellow Brazil jersey. He's Jack (Ed's friend), also an agent for Flora&Fauna Resort. Without him, our Triple Island Trip will not be as smooth as it is. I would like to thank him.I still have some picture taken while snorkeling using disposable camera. I need to scan those picture first before posting here.

I miss this trip so much. Now I’m thinking back of the previous trip that we’ve been to together, including Malacca Trip, Pangkor Trip, Genting Trip, etc.. Next destination, East Malaysia!!

Triple Island Trip - Day 2

The next morning, we were awake as early as 7AM. We had our healthy breakfast, prepared by the resort staff. Then, we are all ready for our 1-day snorkelling trip to Redang Island and Lang Tengah Island.

The journey to Redang from Perhentian is about 1 hour by speed boat. We reached Laguna Beach, Redang at about 930AM, and was given 1 hour to visit the beach and resort. Redang Laguna Resort is really nice, with its 4-star rating, is comparable to Hyatt Kuantan. Below is picture taken around Redang Laguna Beach Resort.Couple pictures..Then, not far away is the famous More More Tea Inn.This picture is taken in the souvenir shop at More More Tea Inn. Richie Ren and Sammi Cheng have been here too for their movie.. Summer Holiday~Again, couple pictures.. Below is Ed&Cl..Ch&Py..Hp&Ky.. I like this picture a lot..Look at the nice swimming pool with a small Jacuzzi and mini water playground.Some photo editing. Note: The words in the photo may or may not be the same with the words spoken during the time of photo taken.More updates Triple Island Trip – Day 2 Snorkeling soon

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Triple Island Trip - Day 1

After 5 hours bus journey, we reached Jerteh. From there, we waited for a Kia Pregio van to bring us to Kuala Besut Jetty. We had healthy breakfast as we reached there early. Then, we explored the playground nearby the jetty.Next, we were introduced to Mr. Ong, who is a nice person. We took the earliest speedboat at 7AM to Pulau Perhentian, which took approximately 30 minutes.Next, we checked in at Fauna Resort. The room is simple yet spacious. The only drawback is there are lots of ants. Therefore, we changed to a better room.Next we had 3 hours of free&easy. We walked around, visited the souveniour shop, and rest under the tree.After the simple lunch, we went to BUBU Long Beach for our snorkeling lesson. Thanks to our funny tour guide, Pok Din, we managed to learn basic snorkeling skill in less than 30 mins.First, we went to Three Spaces, where we get to see big 'hoi sam' and 'siham'.Next, we head to Nemo Garden. We get to see usual cute Nemo, Tomato Nemo, black&white nemo. Too bad for me, as I didnt manage to observe a single nemo. I only manage to see their nest. Also, we get to observe colourful underwater christmas tree.

The third snorkeling point is at Turtle Bay. This place is quite distant from land, and quite scary. However, the fun of observing a giant turtle overcomes the fear of sea.

The last snorkeling point is at Shark Bay. Our objective is to observe real living SHARK!! After snorkeling for like 30 minutes, we didnt get to see the shark. Too bad..

Lastly, before we head back to our resort, we move on to 'Hot' Spring. HeHe.. This Hot Spring is actually natural cold water flowing right from the top of the peak of Perhentian Besar Island. The water is crystal clear, and is believed to have healing properties. There is a hidden secret of this 'Hot' Spring water, and i wont share it here. HeHe..Then, we head back to our resort at about 6pm. We had some fun at the beach, which is not as nice as BUBU long beach. However, we had some fun there. Below is the picture of 3 SKFC members.At night, me, ky, ed, and cl played UNO intercept rule. Ch and Py slept quite early. We also walked by the beachside at night. It is really romantic walking along the quiet beach, observing thousands of stars above our head, with the half-full moon shining bright.

More updates for Triple Island Trip – Day 2 soon..

Fantasy Soccer 2006/07

For the season of 2006/2007, i joined both Fantasy Premier League and Yahoo! Premiership Fantasy Football Game. I've been playing this game since secondary school.

This season, I joined IMU BPharm league, and I finished first place with total points of 1827. L2g and MUFC Kingdom is far behind me. No challenges this season (Yawn). HeHe..Below is the picture of the team I have for the final match of the season. Ronaldo and Lampard has been my main contributor. I put Rooney as captain, as this will enable double points.
As for Yahoo! Premiership, I joined 2 leagues. The first league is created by Li Guo for my housemate. I finished as first place in this league. Again, no challenges for this league. HeHe..
The second league that I join, I only manage to get 5th place out of 15 teams. The challenges are even stronger in this league. I joined from Week 2 of the league. The best position I obtained was 3rd place. Choo Uei's team (POO) became strong towards the end of the season. Cheng Hong's team (doni) is behind my team. HeHe..Next season, I will try my best to finish first place. Hope to get more participants for the next season league.

Monday, May 28, 2007


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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Full Bloom Tea

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From, one also can find various recipes recommended by them.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Triple Island Trip

It is comfirmed today! I will be going for the Island Hopping package, which include Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Redang, and Pulau Lang Tengah. I would called this trip as 'Triple Island trip'. I will be going with my dear ky and also ed and cl.
Meanwhile, EOS6 result will be out this Friday (25th May 2007). I hope I can pass all papers and enjoy my trip to Triple Island.

* Picture taken from Redang Island Rendezvous

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cosmic Bowl + Pool

Today I went to Midvalley with Alan and LG. We had dinner at Oasis Food Court and I ordered Black Pepper Claypot Chicken Rice. My laptop battery is no longer functional. I went to the Hewlett-Packard shop to enquire, and was told that price of new battery cost more than RM400! :(

We played 2 games of bowling at Cosmic Bowl. I had not bowl for more than 5 years.First game, I won.. I manage to get 1 spare and 1 strike. Can you spot HP84??Second game, I get second place, behind Alan..After that, we head to the Pool Centre and played 3 games of pool. I've never improved in my pool game. HeHe.. Just play for fun.Picture of L2G playing pool. He scored the white ball for a record of 7 times. Marvellous..
There no picture for Alan. For more picture, please view Alan's blog.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sri Kembangan Chicken Rice

On my way back to Bukit Jalil from Kajang, KY and I went to the famous chicken rice stall at Sri Kembangan. This is the second time we're here. The stall is located at a wooden house near a small bus stop along the busy Sri Kembangan road. The previous time I came here, the stall only occupied the car park area. Now, after 3 months, they have expanded their business area. It is much cleaner now.The chicken rice will be sold off by 130pm everyday. The price is reasonably cheap. We ordered steamed white chicken for 2 person, 3 bowl of rices (the rice is nice.. I ate 2 bowls), and 2 drinks. It costs us only RM10.40!
The chicken is very nice and the texture is smooth. That's not the only attracting point, the owner are very friendly too. It is served with special sauce (chillies+ginger). Do ask me if you're interested to go to this chicken rice stall.