Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Semester 6 EOS

I will be having my semester 6 end-of-semester (EOS) examination from April 30 onwards. I will be off from the blogging world for about 2 weeks. 5 papers to go..
  • Monday (30 Apr) : Current Trends in Therapeutics
  • Thursday (3 May): Clinical Pharmacokinetics
  • Friday (4 May): Cancer Chemotherapy
  • Monday (7 May): Toxicology
  • Tuesday (8 May): Musculoskeletal System
This 2-week study break has changed my biological clock. I wake up at about 12 noon everyday and sleep at 6AM. Crazy rite?? Anyway, below are pictures of IMU taken with Sony T10 from my house balcony. The first picture is taken using normal mode, while the second picture is under cloudy mode.
Here, I want to wish all BeePharmers of sem 6 and sem 4 good luck!!

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