Friday, April 20, 2007

Huang Di Noodle, Sri Petaling

Huang Di Noodle
31-G, GF, Jalan Radin Anum
Sri Petaling, 57000, KL
Today lunch, KY and i went to Huang Di Noodle. This place is recommended by my friend, Yen Wei. The place really gives you the feeling of being in Beijing Castle.We ordered 'Minced Meat Wanton Huang Di Noodle' and 'Fish Ball Huang Di Noodle'. The texture of the Huang Di Noodle is very smooth and fine.Then we ordered 'Honey Dew Milk Tea' and 'Carrot Milk'. Honey Dew milk tea is nice and they give about 20 biji of pearl. However, carrot milk is just so-so.This place is suitable for lunch and if i'm not mistaken, they do have wireless internet also. Total damage to wallet = RM 14.10


yee yin said...

WALAO!!! I think u look more like a local people than I am!!!
I don't even realise there is such a shop near seri kembangan.. hehe!

hp84 said...

Huang Di Noodle is at Sri Petaling..
Go try those food that I recommend, it is really nice..

If not nice, complain to me.. HeHe..
Then, you can blog something bad about them.. HeHe..