Monday, March 26, 2007

Kingston 512MB Ram

After months of frustration with my 'slow'-laptop..
I dropped by at iCT zone at Pusat Hentian Kajang. I decided to upgrade my laptop RAM (random access memory) from 256mb to 512mb. After a long discussion with the pc-man on 'laptop optimisation', he offered me Kingston 512MB RAM. He agreed to take in my old Infineon 256MB RAM for the price of RM30. The picture on the left is my old RAM (Infineon).

Today, my laptop is no longer 'slow'. I learnt various way to optimise the performance of laptop from Mr. Hoo.

Total damage to my wallet is RM120 (after trade-in my old Infineon RAM).


Infineon said...

For your information, Infenion is made in Portugal. Kingston now is manufactured from China. They want to reduce the cost of production i think.

PC fair said...

PC Fair is coming soon on 14&15 April 2007