Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hospital Kuala Lumpur attachment

After 8 days attachment at Hospital Kuala Lumpur..

I've come across a few pharmacist; Mr. Nathan, Madam Lim, Miss Nirmala, Miss Yam, Cik Siti, and Cik Faizah. I've learnt a lot from them. Each of them have different personalities.

Troughout this 8 days, I was sent to ward to clerk case, handling drug information, and handling TDM case. I struggled for the first 2 days in the ward, as Yee Yin and I still don't know the proper way of clerking. We were assigned into a ward, and left there clueless.

On the 2nd week, we were put under Miss Nirmala. TWO words to describe her; efficient, no-rubbish-talk. She gave us 30 minutes to clerk a case, and taught us fast and correct way of clerking case. She also taught us to think out of the box.

Another pharmacist that I salute to is Mr Nathan. He's TDM expert. Although he likes to make joke (Wai Yin must be enjoying time there. HaHa!!), he is very serious when handling TDM case. I've learnt from his various 'short-cut' and to see TDM from another point of view. Actually, Mr. Nathan used to train Miss Nirmala. That's why both of them are so efficient.

Lastly, I would say that this 8 days experience really expose me to the 'world of clinical pharmacist'. I learnt a lot medical abbreviation and to read doctor's super-ugly-handwriting. I salute nurses who were able to read doctor's handwriting.


Рερρёřрōυяяī said...

Oh, you went to HKL? I'll be going there next Tues and Wed. Kinda nervous, lol.

hp84 said...

Yea, actually 20 of us from B104 went to HKL. We were divided into pair. Don't be nervous ok. Sem 4 visit is very easy and fun. Enjoy!!

Benny said...

Hi Han Ping,

I dont think that clerking a new case for 30 minutes for a first time learner is proper. Anyhow, I appreciate your good feedback. That's the way to appreciate people. Thanks and enjoy your holiday... Hope you never write bad things about me yeah...